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Sex: Erotic Poetry

seizing Satisfaction

power in the pants

peace in the mind

passion with a touch

creamy bodies cum-busting


teasing tickling licking sucking

tantalizing tingles of salt

off dripping lips

smelling of lust


loudly flying

through the mountains

fingering the sun

feeling hot below


the burning tip

alive inside

with rhythmic slides

simply to thrive

in a pool of satisfaction

cream topping us off

Like a succulent strawberry

sitting next to chocolate fondue,

I dip…diving deep…into you…

enveloped by your warmth,

twisting and turning

over and over ‘til I’m covered

in thick, I’m smothered,

in your lips, slathered,

pushing myself up high

a finger tickling treasure,

succulence to your sweet spot,

we slip and slap ourselves

into a double the volume loud,

screaming satisfied splash

of cream topping us off!


Maybe later you can eat me too

Dipped and sucked fruit fondue

You with my tongue licking,

Savoring the sweetness of life.




a second cherry: erotic poetry

A cherry-stem her teeth clench,

white lace bulging her breasts,

she sits on her knees pantiless.


Warm and shaved pussy on my chest,

I eat her treat, blind-folded tied to the bed.


She giggles and says, “I need sweets now!”


Sliding her center down mine,

she drizzles sticky chocolate in a line…

ending gooey dripping off my cock.


And she takes her tongue and lips

back to the puddle on my neck,

sucking and licking the chocolate off…


Except when she gets to my tip,

where she jerks and sucks my cum out!


Now, I’m ready to find, hidden in her,

A deeply hidden second cherry to pop!

a bucking bounce

Straddled to commence the bucking bounce

absorbing every hit to my pussy dimples

you gripping my ass like a saddle 

so I don’t fly off your cock as I rock

with you my bull, forcing me into jerks and spasms

as we mount to new heights’ of pleasure

pounding and pushing deeper, harder

rocking ourselves to cum in unison

louder than expected scaring the dog walker!


I touch myself

Do you know what

you do to me?

Stuck on replay

my breasts, your abs,

our asses, tonguing lips,

your powered penetration

that makes me spasm

in a hip-thrust push,

again and again

behind my eyes

with no satisfaction

that I can derive!

It drives me insane

for my own

erotic eruption!



Please come to me soon!

Fill me up with

your hard-cock love!


Fatal Attraction: Erotic Humor

I have a fatal attraction to men. Not like Close Encounters with Glen Close, but I have a propensity for meeting a man I’ve known before, now that I’m back in my home town, and taking him home to bed with me in my mind.

In our conversation, his warm whiskey breath brushes my ear. I watch his smooth mouth move, while I’m trying to pay attention to what he’s saying. His lips graze mine as we part again in time. Then, when I’m alone, poised like a praying mantis, I transform the HE into a YOU to which I can do anything I want to do:

I lick your naked torso up then down, wanton to eat you outside then in, devouring all you have to offer, until you mount me for ultimate pleasure, in my front, then grasping my neck, turning me back, and upside down, coming in the rear with a loud pound.

As I come back from such visions, I bite the head off of the made-up mate, and no love lost, I’m satiated and fall asleep.


hear my erotic thoughts

“…hear my erotic thoughts…”

I command.


You reply, “Go on, tell me all,

what do you want?

If I were there, how would

you want me to put it in?

Tell me as I imagine

your sweet tits in my mouth…”


To which I describe,

“I want to see your face

as I slide you inside…

with your hard head

in my moist pussy lips,

you suck and bite my nips

as I moan and take in a kiss,

and faster and faster

you move your hips,

until I say wait, and

kick up my right leg

to stick it behind my head,

all your weight on my chest

pushing your cock in thrusts

my hair wrapped in your fist,

and I wiggle my pussy up

to watch you side back in,

eyes locked, my legs in splits

you pound your cock in again

and again and again and again!

Do you feel me now as I talk?

Hearing your end makes me cum,”

I say to you panties wet

as I hang up the phone.

mental orgasm

Your voice is like chocolate,

so sweet to hear, I have to

lick the phone when you call.

You hear me breath a heavy sigh

as I tingle at living new memories of us,

for within a simple conversation

you arouse me to mental orgasm —

a lily pad upon which I can come

and release the stress of the everyday monotony.


as I bow and bob

as I bow and bob

sucking and popping

your breaths grow shorter

that sound you make louder

momentum at a deep throat pace

faster and deeper

with longing moans

my throat vibrating

humming and swallowing

you down whole

again and again and again

until you cum all over

my neck and my face

addiction is my hopeless curse

when you cum it’s pure pleasure

for that sound you make

it’s a reward

for the food I chose

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