I have a secret to tell that some have heard and others may not like very well…

Unlike myself years ago, I fell for my doctor (physical therapist) once, and so ashamed was I that I ran with no good-bye. Now, I can’t work close another guy doctor without fear I might cry at the memory of the man who once upon a time saved my life.

Like PTSD, hot and bothered, I sweat in therapy as thoughts of him fly free again with a song in the office, with his car on the road, even in a man with dark hair whose smile glows, I see him around me float.

Cajoling my fears of life, marriage, and me, he was a hero who knew how to take away my pain mentally and physically. But knowing him kind of ruined me too, for I treasure my memories of him, like a god with a golden touch, and now I wheel away from any doctor I like because my ghosts haunt me too much.