As time makes dilapidated my body and face, it is my wont to try and escape…Tall, strong, and bold you stand on the side of the road. I pick you up, then off to my abode. We throw our clothes off to the floor, kissing madly…eyes-closed, flogging fingers on skin, too hot to hold. Slip-sliding you begin to move your inches in, teasing me by popping your tip to my top then beginning again.

Like a retired stallion mounted, I challenge you to a race of who can finish loudest, so we shake and pound harder…Hips in a rhythm of ass-smacking grace, as my coming release begins to contort my face! Pony-tale pulled taut, sagging breast clenched, we sprint ourselves in a rush of pushing and pounding our ends, ’til we get off…With a yell of, “Oh, my fuck!” Loud enough to make the window rock.