You lie in bed, clothes disrobed after a long week of work demands and commands you followed diligently, loving and hating making a good, honest living. Like a ghost I float over to your tan, muscular legs, putting my hands poised as wings upon your forehead, then crossing them to trail the tops down your face, caressing your electrifying smile with my lips.

With a lunar eclipse, our fluids mix, dream turned reality, in which I can upon you climb, and you inside me pressure my flower to bloom sublime, and as you lift your hips to smack mine, yes, finally I can hear your cumming moan, the one I’ve dreamt about, where you take control and pushing yourself as deep as you can go, you release your lust-spring into me.

Spent naked and damp, we roll over, holding each other’s hands ready to rest until the next round of amusement with my muse.