Please forgive my recent transgression!

I reached out to you sans permission…

Now, I feel too disturbed missing you,

a man who doesn’t want me in his world.


Here’s something romantic I wrote

once upon a happy time of fantasy,

when you still spoke kindly to me…


I recall a day in fall when outside our window a sparrow came to say hello.  You went to the window sill, pulled the curtain, walked behind me, and stood still.

You gave me a head hug and said, “This bird has been our friend, visiting us with the wind.  She always makes me think of you and all that you can do!  I need you to remember that you have admirers secretly in your corner…”

You pulled my hair from my shoulders, and with your memorably long, strong fingers, you massaged my head, then neck…

My arms reached up to bring your cheek to mine, “Member me, my love, I need you inside me as a reminder of the true thrills in life!”

Upside-down, you kissed my memory.