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August 2017

romp me into a back-bend and ride me up again

She strolls in the bedroom, and silent she undresses for bed. As her eyes try to catch a conversation caught in the air, not ready to drip, off with her pants, and she bites her pouty lip.

I see she’s really too tired to care, so silent I sit, like kept pet. While I watch her strut naked across the room, my dick stirs for her.

“Baby, come sit on my lap. I wanna snuggle with my girl who’s all that! Let me show you a bit of lovin’ the way you deserve!”

And this is how I make my lady, however frustrating she can seem, feel like a queen because she tries so hard to take care of me like her king:

With her knees soft on the outside of my thighs, I take my head and push it up her slide, as she sits down, enveloping my length with perfect alignment, straight in her I throb, ready to dance her to orgasm.

Tucked tight, pussy locked and loaded, I grab her hips while she clamps her feet to my ass, and with repeated thrusts, she arches her back, until her hands hit the floor, and in a back-bend, I fuck her harder than before, until…

I raise her back to bounce hard on my cock, elevated by my knee, rocking myself in, near out, then deeper in again, with that sloppy-swishing, moving-moaning sound, echoing all around…

And I lie her back down to fuck us in a knot of mind-blowing pussy pleasure with my cock, pounding down with all my might, hitting that pussy again and again and again just how my woman likes it, until I have to blow my wad, my cock steaming it’s so hot in my honey’s twat, just as she screams…

“Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Hit it like that…Oh yes…harder…Oh Fuck! Harder!”

So, I sit up and attack her pussy like a monster let loose, knowing my cock would now have the tenacity to finish her off good!

As I fuck with full force, I take her hips and cock-smack her, pounding and pounding my own orgasm out, she begins to screech again,

“I’m cumming! OH! OH! OH, FUCK YES!”

I roar with a spring and the shakes, throwing my cum into her pussy’s warm space, falling over onto my face.

slam your head into my heart’s core (erotic humor)

Just the idea

of being

a thought

in your day

drives me

insane in

all my body’s


I squeeze

my thick


pushing down

the heart


my chest

to calm

my love’s




I strap on

a chastity belt

to preclude

my propensity

for fingering

that hole

only you can

fill whole

warm and wet

for our

love seeds

to grow.

With each


I miss you

more than


so please,

my love,

slam your

head into

my heart’s core!


Spread me wide!

Spread me wide!

Insert your pride…

Neck extended,

I yell, “Harder!

I’m horny as hell!”

So, you push and

pound and push

private splashing

in wild instinctual

sexual joy!


We spout

our creamy mess

upon the sheets

ready for a longer

more wild


like putty in your hands

After a dream

of you and me,

I can’t help but

want to include

you in the things

I do. Going about

my day, the thought

of your eyes smiling

on me makes me

turn to goo!


I’d be putty in your

skilled hands to bend

and pose as fills your

every fantasy, and

you’d penetrate my

body with a salivating

tongue, long hot fingers,

and your wide rod,

digging to touch my soul,

empowered you make my

mind and body lose control!

Sex: Seizing Satisfaction

seizing satisfaction

power in the pants

peace in the mind

passion with a touch

creamy bodies cum-busting


teasing tickling licking sucking

tantalizing tingles of salt

off dripping lips

smelling of lust


loudly flying

through the mountains

fingering the sun

feeling hot below


the burning tip

alive inside

with rhythmic slides

simply to thrive

in a pool of satisfaction

I touch myself

Do you know what

you do to me?

Stuck on replay

my breasts, your abs,

our asses, tonguing lips,

your powered penetration

that makes me spasm

in a hip-thrust push,

again and again

behind my eyes

with no satisfaction

that I can derive!

It drives me insane

for my own

erotic eruption!



Please come to me soon!

Fill me up with

your hard-cock love!


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