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September 2017

I pretend that we meet

While I drive, I pretend that we meet, just under the Sky Bridge at a Stony Island Hideaway. In a motel, we’d tease each other. With you a nine and me a six, I’d bob and bow whilst you eat my cream out, then bubbly, I’d need more, so I’d stick my ass out and say, “Would you care for a bounce?”

But, unfortunately, we’d fuck with such howls the police banging would come before me!

Following a good laugh, in the shower, you enter me for some more before the clock ticks four. Me with tits pressed tight to the shower glass, you behind my body arched, pushing and pushing thrusts against my hips, biting my shoulder, as you slip-slap your hips against ass, until my tension finally explodes and my passions can relax.

Joking we’d dry and get dressed to return to our lives separate but best friends.

An Elfin Wet Dream (Erotic Humor)

I want to be a sprite who lives beneath where you sleep. At midnight, I come out to creep, cleaning and making everything neat. Then, like a dream, I’d crawl under the sheets for a taste of your special treat! I’d lick and kiss your smooth skin around the base… then up the length, I’d suckle sideways until the tip…

Then, I’d make my magical growth wish…

Opening my jaws well beyond my tiny mouth size, I take your cock-tip as far as it can go, your hardness stretching my body into a full womanly form! You moan as I suck harder, for my transformation luck, taking in your full explosion as I suck!

Then, slowly as I shrink back to my tiny elfin size, I straddle your cock and take you for a ride…until your cum, like an ejection button, launches me to sleep upon your heart, at least until…

Sunrise tickles my eyes, and I hide beneath your bed again, waiting to bring yet another wet dream to your head! I bet you wonder what I do during the day when you’re away;)


Should I let my growl go?

I’ve a growl in me

I keep fighting

to suppress…

it sits in my throat

just behind tonsils,

which hang…


to be vibrated

by the growl

finally coming out.


Should I let my growl go

ahead and roar,

I know I’ll not

be able to control

my tongue anymore,

and the fire in my gut

will with oxygen erupt!


You NEVER know

what I’ll throw up!

craving you like a dinner I devour

I’m here. You’re there. I’ve tried to touch you somehow, somewhere, but to no avail. At this point, I understand you just can’t care. I guess I should stop caring too, but you should know, I could NEVER stop wanting, craving you, like a dinner that I devour where I have all your power!

Having a bad day?

I thought I’d share why some days I get really stressed about my existence. This post is grossly candid, explaining a Bam-Bam Day for a person in a wheelchair, so read only if you need to feel better about your day;) I had to expel this story from my brain!

You can maybe understand why life some days drives me crazy! (Honestly, I can’t believe I’m sharing this story! I hope y’all don’t feel differently about me, lol. I guess there are ways and days that aren’t sexy;)

your knock at my door (erotic poetry)

Your expected knock

at my front door

makes me jump,

electrified at the thought

of losing control,

so wide I open myself

for you to glide in whole,

slipping me twisted kisses,

dancing with me legs wrapped

around your waist, then

with my back against a wall,

you pleasure-pace

your enthusiasm

to see me again, while

kneading and massaging me,

in and out you slip,

making me moan desire-filled,

where slippery-wet slowing

your love to a crawl,

as we pant out our frustration

on the kitchen wall,

until you’ve cum and gone,

me left loosened, tension dissolved,

for you showed you love me

by walking through my door.

my naked lover of hard pleasure 

My naked lover of hard pleasure fingers me open with a hot touch, kinky kissing of ears and chest, slowly stroking, squeezing bare balled, taut nipples licked wet, then…

a banging howl in my mouth, our naughty friction of oral perfection, as you thrust your thick sticky dick on my tongue, and I swallow down your honey drip.

licking a pathway to my treasure box

warm bursts

of breath

on my neck,

flicker of a nipple

on my chest

by your tongue wet,

down you blow

licking a pathway

to my treasure box

below, hidden

in the folds

your tongue separates


tickling my valley.

your tongue prickles

my clitoris bump,

as your finger

in me slides up,

enveloped by

my pussy mouth

your finger slides

in and out,

then to help

moisten me more

a second finger

you give my core,

sucking my clit

with your lips,

while pacing fingers

to rhythmically slip

in and out quick,


I grasp the sheets

and arch my tits,

while you make

a quick switch,

your tongue now

penetrating my pussy,

you lick and suckle,

all the while

massaging rapid

fingering of my clit

until again you switch,


but this time, like your cock,

fingers three

you push them

in the out of me

quick thrusts now

my urges seize up

as you tongue-lashing

my clit till I scream

my cum to drip

into your mouth

giving you an odd smile

I’ll remember for a long while;)



smashing pipes (erotic poetry)

I in you

make it true!

I beg of you!

Take me

into your

secret place

my post

in your yard

buried deep

shifting, shaking

your ground

my pole

pounded down

smashing pipes

pressure rushing

to get out

gushes push

round my pole

up and over

the top of

your hole!


I wait erect

for more.

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