warm bursts

of breath

on my neck,

flicker of a nipple

on my chest

by your tongue wet,

down you blow

licking a pathway

to my treasure box

below, hidden

in the folds

your tongue separates


tickling my valley.

your tongue prickles

my clitoris bump,

as your finger

in me slides up,

enveloped by

my pussy mouth

your finger slides

in and out,

then to help

moisten me more

a second finger

you give my core,

sucking my clit

with your lips,

while pacing fingers

to rhythmically slip

in and out quick,


I grasp the sheets

and arch my tits,

while you make

a quick switch,

your tongue now

penetrating my pussy,

you lick and suckle,

all the while

massaging rapid

fingering of my clit

until again you switch,


but this time, like your cock,

fingers three

you push them

in the out of me

quick thrusts now

my urges seize up

as you tongue-lashing

my clit till I scream

my cum to drip

into your mouth

giving you an odd smile

I’ll remember for a long while;)


copyright: hopelesslyinappropriat.com