Hopelessly Inappropriate

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November 2017

shift me with your shaft

Stealthy as a thief, you steal into my bed long after the dark has conquered light. You spread me wide, crawling fingers up my thighs’ inside sensitive skin, until your digit finds a hole to slide inside. I lift my hips as an invite for you to continue and grow. As you arrange my legs, you grab both cheeks to lift my hole to meet your tool, ready for our our naughty mixture to seed to bloom. You slide your tool on a see-saw ride atop my clitoris stop. Then, you dive in my hole to commence your digging with a yelp of “Awe!”

Slow you find the valley water begins to rise, so you begin to pound down the challenge of burying your seed deep inside me.  As you trail your tongue up my mountain range and bite the precipice, you make my ground shake, shifting me with your shaft as my center lifts and twists. And you dig and dig and dig and thrust us to be covered in the volcanic explosion that makes us shake like leaves at midnight on a winter’s eve.



a lick bath

I kiss your lips to increase my mouth’s wetness, then with your ear, I begin. Sucking first each earlobe, my tongue inside your ear, blowing a warm “I love you” before I gnaw down your neck, massaging your shoulders as I then lick-tickle your nipples erect. I take my tongue down your muscular chest, dragging my teeth across your belly-button, then licking its circle with my tongue.

I take your cock and move it to the side, putting your soft sack just inside my lips for a suckle to make you like a rock before my favorite part: sucking your cock until you pop.

I raise my mouth wide, and I put you erect past my teeth, inching your wand up to fill my throat, then arching my bare-breasted chest hanging on tight with my lips at the tip of your dick so my tongue can perform a tantric trick, until I slide you back up through to the back of my throat getting your heart-rate pounding with some deep thrusts.

Quick slides of random depth, I push my tongue against your firmed-slick dick, until I can sense your bone at its biggest strength and width, and my lips vibrate with each pop of your bubble head as I thrust you in and out again.

I drool as my hand covers the space between my mouth    your base, swishing together in repeated motion as you take my crown to help me push you deeper down my throat again, and again, and again, and again…

Your “UUUGHGHGH!” makes my insides wet too. I bet I can come up with something else sexy for us to do…


that sound you make (erotic poetry)

your cock, my mouth

a slow rock in…out

lick round the tip

then back in again

deeper this time

your cock so far

down my throat

with you, I moan

as your breaths

grow shorter

that sound you make

getting louder

with my momentum

at a deep-throat pace

in and out

you slip and slide

with that sound you make


you cum all over

my neck and face!


This addiction is

my hopeless curse!


When you cum

it’s pure pleasure,

for that sound you make

is a reward for

us coming together!


Hopelessly Inappropriate 2: Life and Love

If you like my poetry

and writings about life…

If you like truth


You might try

my other site!

to make dirty the sheets

I guide, your face to my center, you slide…your fingers spread me wide for your tongue to play musical bumps inside, as your eyes watch mine, my hand fondling my breast, you massaging my clit, all the while my body reacts to your tongue like a wave, springing to your mouth’s rhythm…and when your feisty fingers and tongue make me spasm and cum, you flip me over for more fun!

My legs tight in a V with you behind me, thrusting like a beast unleashed, pushing and pushing yourself into me! My bending bending, I fall face-first onto a pillow…then, laying upon my body, my breasts clenched in fists, you slow push with intimacy, and as you kiss my neck, you wrap my hair, like a pony’s tail, riding me to pillow yells! Throwing up my hips, I feel your cock inside hitting again and again…until… dominated by your strength, I succumb to a final release, to make dirty the sheets.

Panting you hold me tight, and with a kiss, I move quick for hand-cuffs from a night stand, ready to steal you from reality with a fantasy of bliss…


(Last revision! I promise;)




I’m not a shady lady.

I’m not a shady lady.

I wonder if you know?

Do you read my words

and take them for truth?

I should explain if you do:


I use fantasy and hyperbole

and hopelessly inappropriate

metaphors and imagery

to be more than I can be!


I think it’s most erotic to

picture things I can’t do and

write how I’d make them true.

Then, I give an erotic scene to you.


When I get erotic with someone

the turn-on’s more than physical.

It’s the romance of watching

another’s actions unravel personality

and feeling smitten in conversation

that really heightens my inner sexuality.


But, I’ve never had reality equal fantasy,

not even when my fantasy is in my reality.

I guess that’s the problem for me…

Maybe that makes sense to somebody.


(During lonely days, I often contemplate

what life would be like with working legs?

Would romance be more attainable

if maybe I were more “normal”?

Honestly, I don’t think so.)


I just need my readers to know

I love writing erotic stories, but

I’m not an internet whore!

Just a confused woman wanting more.

I’m not a fantasy in reality,

no romance behind my home’s door.


Obviously, I have a secret love for JJ Grey;)



Teasing Dick (erotic humor)

If I could…

I’d let you watch me undress

I’d bite your ear lobe

I’d nibble your neck

I’d put your face in my breasts

I’d tickle your thigh up to your dick

I’d swallow you tip to base

I’d take you in again and again

I’d watch your face as you explode

I’d beg for you to fill my hole

I’d put you in and off we’ll go

I’d ride your cock like a bull

I’d bounce and pound us a thrill

until we both yell, “OHHHH!”

And I’d fall over with sweat chills!



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