I guide, your face to my center, you slide…your fingers spread me wide for your tongue to play musical bumps inside, as your eyes watch mine, my hand fondling my breast, you massaging my clit, all the while my body reacts to your tongue like a wave, springing to your mouth’s rhythm…and when your feisty fingers and tongue make me spasm and cum, you flip me over for more fun!

My legs tight in a V with you behind me, thrusting like a beast unleashed, pushing and pushing yourself into me! My bending bending, I fall face-first onto a pillow…then, laying upon my body, my breasts clenched in fists, you slow push with intimacy, and as you kiss my neck, you wrap my hair, like a pony’s tail, riding me to pillow yells! Throwing up my hips, I feel your cock inside hitting again and again…until… dominated by your strength, I succumb to a final release, to make dirty the sheets.

Panting you hold me tight, and with a kiss, I move quick for hand-cuffs from a night stand, ready to steal you from reality with a fantasy of bliss…


(Last revision! I promise;)