Stealthy as a thief, you steal into my bed long after the dark has conquered light. You spread me wide, crawling fingers up my thighs’ inside sensitive skin, until your digit finds a hole to slide inside. I lift my hips as an invite for you to continue and grow. As you arrange my legs, you grab both cheeks to lift my hole to meet your tool, ready for our our naughty mixture to seed to bloom. You slide your tool on a see-saw ride atop my clitoris stop. Then, you dive in my hole to commence your digging with a yelp of “Awe!”

Slow you find the valley water begins to rise, so you begin to pound down the challenge of burying your seed deep inside me.  As you trail your tongue up my mountain range and bite the precipice, you make my ground shake, shifting me with your shaft as my center lifts and twists. And you dig and dig and dig and thrust us to be covered in the volcanic explosion that makes us shake like leaves at midnight on a winter’s eve.