(Forgive my sense of humor… lol;)

“Oh look, hun! I forgot to hang the Christmas pickle.” I went to the couch side of our tree, then arranged two shiny silver balls to set it off, “There. what do you think?”

“Typical! Of course you’d find a way to put a penis on our Christmas tree!” And he laughed with me like Santa with a shaking belly.

Sliding onto the ottoman at the edge of our new couch, next to the pickle and balls, I arranged my body into my sexiest pose, “Hey, Santa baby, why don’t you give this house elf a big hard present?”

Pulling my red panties down, he leaned in to lick my candy with his tongue massaging the soft tissue-wrapped bump until I spasm my gooey candy-filling into his mouth.

Then, my Santa baby flipped me over the edge of the couch, pushing his cane into me with a sucking sound, when I moan out loud, “Ride me hard Santa, I’ve been a bad wife! Smack my ass, and discipline me right!”

His silver balls slapping against me while I held on to the back of the couch, as if ready like Rudolf to shoot up and fly through the sky, red as if launched! His hard girth banging in so deep that we both came beside our Christmas tree.

(Boy, wouldn’t this be an AWESOME memory;)