Remember in college when you’d call me late, long after bed. You’d tell me you were in my town, and you’d ask me if it’d be okay if we chatted for a bit.

Of course, I was always up for it, “Come over. My back door’s open.”

“Oooohhh! Reaaaallly?” You’d reply.

“Come on in…I dare you to give it a try.” I’d state, as I laughed at your dirty mind.

Tall and fine, you’d stroll in and settle down on my over-stuffed 70’s couch. While I search the channels for something to watch, we’d catch up on college life.

Back then, late at night on Showtime, the shows were documentaries on sexual fetishes. We’d silently watch, getting more stirred-up inside all the while.

I’d ask a question like, “Would you want to do that? Eat food off a strange woman who’s nude?”

“Hell yes!” You’d reply without hesitation.

Always searching to try something new, “Oh! I have an idea!” Disappearing the returning in a flash, “You have a little time to waste?”

That coy grin you’d flash, making me hot and tingling, “For you, sweets, anything!”

Whipping out a bag of gummy worms from my breast, “How about we eat these of each other’s chest?”

You’d say, “I’m not quite sure what you mean. You’ll have to show me first.”

I’d pull a sugar-coated worm out, and I’d place it in a line on your stomach ending at your pant’s button. Then, coming from the side, I’d lick that worm up then down, grabbing it by its head to suck its whole length in, my chin now on your zipper, feeling you get hard underneath my neck.

“I’m not quite sure I get this game…could you show me another example of what you’d do next?” You’d say, scooching down your hips.

“You know I don’t do that! Let’s just get naked and eat worms.” And I’d giggle at that.

“I need those sugar lips, come here, crazy.” You’d sit up fast. You’d straddle my lap, hands cradling my head, and you’d kiss me.

Our lips and tongues caress with warmth, such comfort that I moan loud, and as you kiss my neck, squeezing out a nipple to brush with your teeth and stubble, and suckle, my moans increase in volume until my dog howled too!

Awakened footsteps from above, make us jump apart and re-button our clothes, just as Dad came down the stairs, “Are you okay? Oh, hi, Tim. Nice to see you again. I’m going back to bed.” Back up the stairs he went.

The naked-sex idea ruined, I’d finally try to give you head. But, the first time is always a little awkward! It took so long to bring you to fruition!!!

My jaw sore, we’d kiss some more, then we’d say good-night. This a first we’d remember, that’s for sure!