The circular white bed lay in front of me like a full moon upon which you and I were about to swoon together mating animals. I’ve not before this moment felt such connection inside to another woman alive!

She understands me as no man has because she too has lived the dating madness. As I watch her undress, I can’t help but want to feel her lips, her breasts sliding over my lips and chest, like I’ve never experienced with a woman yet…

Her toes are bouncing bubbles as she spins on one foot, a grace-filled ballerina coming to ask me for a dance. When she takes my hand, I shiver and shimmer, eyes glowing with excited trepidation, which she takes as an opportunity to pull me in for a tender tongue kiss, so voluptuous I never want it to end.

I forget my feet are beneath me until she twirl-kisses me onto the full moon bed, and knowing my inexperience, she begins to give me head. Her fingers and tongue probe my most intimate flower, and unable to resist the temptation, I feel myself flourishing, nay flying as I succumb to her womanly power.

I guide her head up from between my legs, and we hold each other as we kiss, fondling each other with gentle squeezes, as if we were two massage therapists practicing for an exam and finding every trigger-point of passion while we moan our pleasure.

She had found spots I didn’t know existed to excite me until I turn to liquid, so curious to explore her body, I sit atop her manicured bush, licking and nipping at her flesh as if it were my last meal on earth. And though I try to eat her out, only my fingers walk in her plush forest.

But, when she moans with my touch, I’m spurred on and begin to thrust. She reaches her hand to twiddle me too, and as we moan and we kiss, we push…and we press…again and again, until we cum together in an exasperated mess!

We lie in our full-moon bed, naked and tenderly stroking each others smooth chest skin.

“I love you, ya know. You’re my best friend…” My heart beat stops then begins again, “I hope this won’t ruin us. I think it’s time I ask my husband to join in…”

“I’m all for it. You know I like things out in the open!”


As I rides my husband Phil, trying to get myself off, I searches for something in the dark to stimulate my thoughts.

The image of kissing my best friend Lisa appears at the the fore-front of mind mind. My husband moans as I hips move up and down, and his pleasure combined with the soft lips of another woman kissing my skin brings a loud climax out of both of us from deep within.

I  lay down next to Phil, putting my ear over his heart to better gauge his reaction to my next remark.

“I’ve never told you something about my past…I wanna tell you, but I don’t know how you’ll react…”

Phil’s mind, beginning a micro-sleep, mindlessly replies, “Just tell me hun, but quick before I close my eyes.”

Slow, yet quick, I begin, “Since childhood, I’ve had reoccurring dreams of naked women chasing me, all with the intention of sleeping with me! When I ran, I always got caught, and I realized over time that I wanted it that way…” Surprising myself, I recalls, “because I’d find myself wet in the morning!”

Intrigued back awake with my unexpected admission, Phil laughs and taps my ass with a smack, “Are you serious? Or are you just trying to turn me on?”

“By eleven I thought I was in love with a girl in my gymnastics class. But, she didn’t share my feelings, so I pretended it never happened.”

I hear Phil’s heart-rate begin to pound, “So, are you telling me that you used to sleep with women?” I watch the blood pump up his other head.

“No. I never did experiment. But…I was thinking…” Terror clenches my throat, wondering how to say what I needs to say.

“I’m listening…” Phil’s brain percolating with images of his wife with other women.

“Well, you know Lisa…”

“Of course, she was in our wedding!” He chuckles.

“Well, I was wondering if it would be ok with you if…maybe…we experiment with her in bed…”

Finally, I lift my head to see my husband’s reaction well. But, with a pout upon my lips, I immediately spit, “Never mind, it’s stupid! How ’bout I give this head attention instead…”

As I begins to slide down his chest, Phil pulls me back up for a hug, and he says, “Honey, if that’s what you think you need to do, I’ll support you!”

After a long kiss, we roll and rock each other, until Phil cums again, and spent the two of us fall asleep with sweet dreams in our heads!

(This is erotic fiction, exploring latent desires of a women character;)

Here’s a nice scene that really awoke this side of me…