After a decade of suffering successive love injuries by men, Angelica’s scorn burns her heart, and thoughts of retribution flood her like in storm where lightning waits to strike. She pulls on a black dress that hugs her curves, ending at her thighs’ tops, then slips on shoes with high-heals that could be used as a weapon, increasing her feminine power. Looking into her bathroom mirror, she bushes shades onto her smooth face and slides the stick of burnt-red color onto her lips. With a lip pop-kiss to herself, she turns out the light, fully prepared for this night.

Angelica walks into Pop-a-Top Tavern, and all men look at her with want. As she glides to the bar, peripheral vision presents his shape as he follows her movement.  This will be easy. A rogue smile sits upon her lips as she waits for a drink. His gaze a laser aimed at Angelica, Jared’s kind of power-play she now could control. He can’t resist me. She scoffs in her head. Cat and mouse begins. He walks to the opposite end of the bar, as she leans over, exposing the plush tops of her breasts.

“Hey Marty,” she calls out to the bartender.

“What’s up, trouble? You want your usual?”

“Actually, Marty,” she waves him close with a finger, “how about water in my usual gin-n-tonic glass?” She continues to ignore Jared until he can’t help but bow to her sex.

Sauntering the length of the bar, Jared squeezes himself next to Angelica, with a coy grin on his face, “It’s been a while.”

“Yes, it has. But, there’s nothing here you’d want, you know…in this bar…now is there?” She bites her straw and turns her torso.

“Would you like to make a little wager on that one?”

“Can I make the deal?”

Teeth glowing purple in the black-light of the dance floor, “Sure. What do you propose?”

“Me and you. One pool game. I win. You’re my slave for all my desires. You win, I’m yours.”

“You’re on.” Objective One—Accomplished.

The pool game is a challenge. For each shot Jared makes, Angelica produces a different pose of seduction to attempt to distract him. His shot. She leans where he’s aiming, presenting her chest as cushions above the pocket. Miss. Her shot. She walks toward the cue ball and sits with her exposed thigh on the table. Score. Jared sits behind the cue ball, and Angelica aims in front of him, bending over the table, skirt exposing the bottoms of her cheeks. Miss. He walks over to Angelica and pushes her hair back. Softly he touches her ear with his thin lips…

“You’re mine.” He sucks her earlobe. This time Angelica hangs back. She wants it. The black ball sides softly in the hole. Objective two—complete.

They leave the bar in a finger-hold, Angelica leading him to her car. She teases, “I don’t know if you can handle what I have in store for you.” She glances over her shoulder and laughs aloud at the panting dog that follows her behind. This is too easy.

“Remember,” he retorts, “this is my time.” He spins her around and attempts to kiss her, but she puts two fingers on his lips as he leans in, holding his head back.

“Oh, don’t worry. You’ll get more time than you can handle baby!” She unlocks her car and opens the door, It’s definitely his time…chimes in her head.  

“Playing hard to get?” He dodges her hand and bites her neck.

“Unt-ah. Not yet.” Angelica says with turning, getting in the car, and unlocking the passenger door. She continues, “Get in. I’ve got something special planned for you.”

Chuckling Jared replies, “Playing hard to get now, huh? Remember, I won.”

“Yes, but I get to decide when and where your prize will be given. Feel free to forfeit if you don’t like my rules. I wouldn’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Not on your life baby! Let’s go.” Angelica starts the engine, and Jared closes his door.



Angelica drives silent, music filling the car, until she turns onto a dark side road. Turning down the volume, “There’s a bottle of tequila in the back seat.” She tosses her head back as he reaches and grabs the bottle.

“Wow, Patron. You bought the good stuff!” Jared unwraps the top and takes a swig. “Ah, smooth. Ya want some?” He puts the bottle on her arm.

“No. It’s all for you. I still have a ways to drive yet.”

“Where we goin’?”

“It doesn’t matter…” she giggles, massaging his neck with one hand, “drink up and enjoy the ride.” She turns the music back up. “Here we go!” The song ‘Erotic City’ blares, and Angelica yells, “A little Prince is alright, right?”

“Uh, I guess…” He drinks again.

“The next couple songs on this album are good. Give it a chance. Anyway, he’s all about sex, like you. Let’s get in the mood with a little ‘Shockadelica’ then we’ll play.”

The bumps on the road jostles Angelica’s head, yet resolve pounds the beat of outcome remembering her plan. She pulls onto a long driveway lined on both sides by thick forestry. She parks the car in front of a large dark mansion.

“This is it.” Angelica grasps his collar and traces his lips with her finger then her tongue. Jared’s mouth opens, and they kiss hard and part with a wet smack. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” He takes her hand and places it on the firm bulge in his lap.

“Feel how ready I am…” Jared whispers in her ear.

Time to go inside and let the real game commence. Angelica leads him to the left side of the heavy black door. Jared reaches up to run his fingers down the large face of tragedy that functions as a knocker.

“Damn Angel! Who do you know who owns a house like this?” He ponders aloud, reading the name plate, “Carveat? Who’s that?”

“Does it matter? You get to use all that’s inside tonight. What…” She laughs, “Are you scared or something?”

“Shit no! But this is a little weird, even for you Angel,” Jared responds while his wide eyes survey the rib vault foyer that has sections in the architecture filled in with colorful stained glass keeping the world out. Candle light cast shadows across the black and white floor of gargoyles perched on pedestals, watching as they walk with fangs protruding over their lips in an evil grin.

“The bedroom’s this way.” She takes his hand and leads him up a marble staircase at the end of the immense foyer. A velvet red carpet carries them up to the top, and upon turning black light illuminated the hall.

Chuckling at his fortune, “What’s that say?”

With a wave at the plaque over the door, “It’s Latin. It says, ‘Fiat Justitia, ruat caelum’.”

“Ok. So, what’s that mean?”

“Let justice be done, even though the heaven’s fall.”

“Why the hell’d someone want that above their bedroom door for?” Drunk, he grabs the wall for support.

Angelica turns the wooden doorknob, throwing it open and pushing him through. The immense surface of the bed is covered in only a white sheet, and the headboard stretches up in the shape of a flattened church organ.

“Take off your clothes and lie down.”

Jared readily obeys and adds, “You do the same.”

She unzips her dress, exposing a black one-piece bodice with silver claws holding her stockings. He lies down on the right side of the bed.

“No,” Angelica commands, “in the middle.” He slides to the center with a deep dimpled grin. “Are you ready for this? Jared, you can back out.”

“Oh, I’m ready! Bring it on baby!” His glare wanton.

“Ok. Here I come.” She climbs onto the bed and places her body over his, straddling his tight abdominal muscles. “Put your hands over your head.”

He did as he’s told, and she reaches for a rope tied to one of the bedposts. She places one hand then the other into ready-made slip-knots and pulls each tight to his wrists, with little play between headboard and head.

“Put your feet together,” Angelica says, sliding her center down his legs to the end of the bed.

Jared obeys reflecting, “When did you get into bondage?” She silently places his feet into a similar knot, while he finishes, “If I’d of known about this, I woulda kept in touch.”

Him tied, Angelica spits, “Actually, the idea presented itself the last time we were together.”

“And to think I haven’t called in while!”

“To think…” She leans down and begins light-bites on his chest and nipples. Then she takes her tongue and licks a line moving to his stomach and ending at the top of his hair. “I’ve got something for you…” She gets up, opens a drawer to a dresser, and withdraws a bottle of liquor and a pill. “Here, take this and shoot a couple of shots.”

“What is it?” He hesitates.

“Something that will make you feel great! It’s meant to enhance our wild evening together. Of course, it’s your choice.” He allows her to place the pill on his tongue and the bottle to his lips for a swallow. Angelica held the bottle to his lips again. Another mighty gulp, following which she bends over and sucks a drip from his chin. Next, she gathers up the bottle, replaces it in the drawer, and walks toward the door, opening it. Objective Three: Complete.

“I’ll be back.” At that, she closes the door.

“What the fuck?” Jared yells after her, trying unsuccessfully to free himself. The more he struggles, the stronger the knots hold his appendages. “Angelica! Angel, Come back!” But the door stays closed.



Angelica retraces her steps down the hall and stairs, but she takes an immediate right at the bottom stair. Off the back is a kitchen lined with black cabinets. At the opposite end of the room, stands an ornate sable door. She enters it with a wide grin on her face. Six females lounge on a leather couch the stretches into a horseshoe. They all look up.

“It’s on. Are you all sure you’re in for the long haul?” Enthusiastic definitiveness nods all heads, and Angelica continues, “Harriet, I mean Holdry, you’re on first. Do you have the vile?

“I’ve got it.” She, a petite red-haired woman, holds up a small brown vile of powder. “Let’s have a little fun!” She belts out.

“Girls, get the cameras rolling.” Angelica commands. Suddenly on the big screen TV, the image of their captured prey appears.

Dark bangs touching her raised eye-brows, Anna pokes, “Awe, look at him all alone, so anxious to be reunited with the object of his desire…” She frowns like a clown, “Poor baby how does it feel to want…” They all begin giggling like school girls with a crush.

Angelica grabs the hand of her sister; Holdry turns and their eyes glean malice. They make a slow trip back to the bedroom.

“Remember, just have fun with him. Make him think he’s in control.”

“I can’t wait to play with him, see how he enjoys our game.”

Angelica can’t help but recall the meeting they came up with the idea. Each of the women had told their tale of how life and men had abused them while growing into women. All of them needed an outlet for their frustrations, and Angelica offered this to them. Like witches around a cauldron, the women sat at a round table in the mansion’s dining room and drank Merlot while planning how to attack the men of their past.

“I know,” says Harriet, braiding her red hair, “tease him then bite off his head.” She whispers with a half-laugh.

“No,” Says blonde Bonnie, a nurse, “Drug him then put him to bed.”

To which Angelica says, “Let’s work together and screw a man to death.” All six women stare at her, enigma focusing their eyes, “I’ve even got a target for our first time. You each can take on a creative sexy name, and I’ll invite him to play our little game. What do say ladies? Who’s in with me?”

“Seriously?” Erin’s round face reddens, thick brows high, continuing, “You don’t mean we do him to death? That’s impossible anyway, Angel.”

“Not if we work together. With the right plan, each of us using our expertise, we could do this thing! Come on ladies, what do ya say?”

 Angelica opens the door and leads Holdry into the vast bedroom.

“Hello again, Jared.” He picks up his head.

“What’s this?” He questions anxiously.

“Well, I thought we’d have a little party to make this night memorable. This is Holdry. She thought you might enjoy some of her party favors.” At that Holdry produced the vile and handed it to Angelica, who to it and sat next to Jared’s head. “She unscrews the black lid and dips an small metal spoon into the powder. She puts it up to her nose and sniffs the fine white substance. Angelica then holds it out to Holdry who did the same. Then she dips it for Jared.

“Interested in playing with us?” She inquires seductively. He nods simply, and she puts the spoon up to his nose, he sniffs, “Another?”

“Why not? It’ll help my stamina.” They all laugh too loudly.

While Angelica puts the vile on the dresser, Holdry begins to rub on Jared’s firm thighs. Angelica looks back and grins. She walks over to the bed and rubs Holdry’s buttocks. Holdry sits up and intensely kisses Angelica, who in turn caresses her breast. When the women’s lips part, Angelica removes herself from the bed and glances at Jared, who watches hungry.

“I’ll be back.” She states with a wink, and she exits the room. Holdry returns to her exploration of his naked body. He lay at obvious attention. Her long red waves caress his chest as her head moves down his body, her lips tickling his intimate curve. Suddenly, she picks her face up as she nears his erect middle. She climbs toward his face.

“Angelica told me about the amazing form that you hold as fact, and I couldn’t help but express my desire to explore it for myself…” She bites his lip, then tongues it softly, until their mouths meet in depths of desire and curiosity. As their lips part, “I hope you’re all she said you were.”

“I know I am. Why don’t you experience what can really bring you pleasure?” He nods to his cock. She turns her body around and makes a slow trip towards it, her hand sliding over its soft skin, until she raises and blows on the wet surface then inhales her breath, placing her backside over his chest. An elastic skirt now exposes her hairless center to his mouth. As she’s bent over him, legs straddled, he plays with his tongue between her soft lips, hitting her hole for a dip. Her tantric grip on his cock hardens. He moans; she moans. Louder, harder, faster, they moved and moved until excited gasps reverberate within the room.

The sound of the door makes Jared gasp, “Oh God, don’t stop!” But Holdry removes herself from the bed. Jared’s breathing heavy.

“Well, hello, my love! Did you two have fun?” Jared picks up his head, but says nothing.

“Sure. Not a bad time at all.” Holdry comments dry.

Angelica had led in yet another beautiful woman. Angelica grabs the vile again, and the four of them empty the contents. Jared’s extremities were noticeable raw from his attempts to touch. A slight shake of his body compels his plea, “Can we take these ropes off so I can feel you right?”

“No, no, no, my pretty little toy,” the new girl answers, “it’s my time now.” The three women sit around Jared.

Angelica kisses Jared on the cheek and whispers, “Remember that when it’s your time, you get to enjoy all the pleasure. This is the last time I’ll ask. Do you want to forfeit on me giving you everything you’ve always wanted? I will untie you and let you leave right now.”

“Oh, no! I want more, but the ropes actually suck.”

“For now, that’s part of the game.”

“Do you want to play with me?” The black banged Babet asks.

“Oh, yes! This is Babet, and she’s been waiting patiently to meet you.” Angelica introduces Bonnie.

“Babet begins running her fingers down the underside of his arm. She licks the base of the reddened tissue of his wrist and gently blows on the sore surface. Angelica and Holdry get up from the bed and walk out the door.

“Hey Angel, where’re you goin’?” Jared yells as the door closes.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll take good care of you.



Babet’s hands squeeze the top of Jared’s thighs while her tongue massages his pelvis. His eyes roll back closed, forgetting the two who’d left the room and embracing the beat of his heart echoing between his ears. Her fingers play a genital enticement until she enveloped his sack in her mouth, tongue-teasing him taut then she puts his stick in her mouth. The soft moistness of her mouth alleviates the soreness of friction in Jared’s previous un-lubricated jack-off encounter.

Head back, chin up Jared moans, “Ahhh, yeah…” and his breathing shallows with short exhales as Jared reveals, “Oh god, I’m gonna cum…” Yet, at the comment, Babet stops, squeezes him hard through her finger hole.

“You like that?” Their eyes meet.

“Don’t stop!” Just then, the door opens again. Babet sits up and gets off the bed.

“How ya’ feelin’ Jared?” Angelica sings like a mama soothing a sick child. She could hear his soft pants. He looks up at her.

“Um, I’m good…” Jared stammers as Babet exits the room, leaving Jared with Angelica and a new participant. “This is Entria. She’s been very excited to meet you.” She pats his head with care. When Angelica gets up and leaves the room, Entria, a personal trainer, pounces on the bed as a wrestler would.

“So! I hear you’re an amazing lover.” Jared speechless, merely looks at the new woman. His eyes absorb her shape. Her elongate breasts sat on her protruding belly as she mounts herself upon his rock of pride.

“I wan’ta try you out. Are you ready for a ride?” Entria situates the weight of her body above his small frame and begins to move up and down dry inside slow his cock rough, and she belts out, “Yeah, you’re the kinda dick I like, the kind under my control, right baby?” As Jared yanks tight at his limbs, Entria pounds down harder, her hips swaying circles and her fake fingernails clawing at his firm, tan abdominal muscles. Allowing whimpers of pleasure to escaper her throat with each downward thrust, “Oh, yeah baby, that’s the way! Keep it coming! Oh! Oh!” Jared watches her swing like a pendulum over his pulsing body spraying her juicy as she gasps, “Ahhhh!”

Jared sighs in relief at her release.

“Oh no,” she breaths heavy, “I want more!” And again Entria begins to pound on his feeble frame. Slow motion minutes blur to hours in Jared’s mind until Entria again climaxes.

The black door then opens and Entria stands on the bed and jumps off with a thud. Angelica saunters over to the head of the bed. Jared’s wrists dripping blood, his eyes wearily meet hers.

“Angel, please, untie me and let’s just lie here together. I just wanted to be with you.”

“Oh, Jared, don’t be ridiculous. You don’t just want me. It’s ok. Here, smoke this me and my friend Analie.” Unable to protest, he watches her luscious lips wrap around the blunt, puff, and hold it to his lips as she exhaled the smoke. Each person puffs until it’s too hot to hold, with Jared appreciating the rest.

His head spinning, his heart trying to escape the bones of his chest, his eyes unfocused, Jared ponders… How long have I been here? Something’s not right…and he sees a fanged face staring at him from the shadows, just as Angelica slides to the side of the bed. Jared tries to grab her, his bondage, however, holds strong, making him wince from the pain. When she gets up, she looks back and smirks.

“I’m sure you’re not tired yet. I remember how you bragged about how many times you can do it in a night.” Angelica winks and walks out the door as Analie begins to stroke his erection. Her large breasts puff out of a strapless bodice that hugs her bulging body. Small silver spikes splatter across the front surface of black latex with the sharp tips reflecting the black light.

“It looks like you and Entria had some fun. Look at these nice little love bites her nails put on that nice firm belly of yours…” she licks one of lines left on his stomach, “so you like to play rough.”  She positions herself upon him and begins to move harshly, angry thrusts that push his body deep into the surface of the bed.

Jared stares both scared and intrigued by the enigma of what he begins to see: shadows take on devilish shapes. He closes his eyes for a moment, then looks up at the woman jumping on his cock, just as she violently grips his shoulders with her elongated callused construction hands while laying her chest down upon Jared’s torso and licking his bottom lip as the spikes dig in.

He screeches, “Ahhhhh, what the fuck?” Shivers of pain toss his hips up perpetuating her pleasure.

“Oh, yeah, so nothing’s too rough for you, eh?” She laughs, flinging her sweat-string hair and sitting up, her face a blur of contorted features, a beast covered in knives ready to make a final attack on its dinner. The weight of her body presses him in relentless bounces, dragging the sharp spikes across his skin, and Jared throws his head from side to side in pain.

“Stop!” He yelps, shutting his eyes to tight slits, through which Jared looks to the cloaked window where green eyes sporadically leap to the dim light. The beat in his chest muffles his ears though growls become increasingly apparent.

“Angel!” Jared involuntarily screams, “Please…Angel…Please come back to me!” Analie un-straddles his middle with a cackle.

“I don know what she was talking about. You may only out to have a good time, but you’ve no clue how to ‘ave one.” At this she leaves the room and Jared alone.

He ponders his desperate situation, glancing at his bound and bloodied limbs. Flinging his eyes about his surroundings for some sort of salvation, the shadows continue to take on fiendish shapes. While he pulls at his bindings, a dog’s head with protruding teeth begins floating towards him from the corner of the room, and he yanks, wincing in pain, and looking back for the face that was coming for him, but it was no longer there. He lays his head back down on the white sheet and closes his eyes anxious for sleep. Suddenly, he hears the door opening.




As if waking from a bad dream yet drugged crazy, Jared tosses out a delirious, “Angel…please Angel…”

“Shhhh, baby, I’m here.”

“Please let me outa here…I just wanna get outa here!” His raw and blood wet wrists and ankles jerk violently with spasms from the coarse rope, “Oh God, Angel please,” he cries his plea for an end to this nightmare-fantasy, to which Angelica responds climbing next to his sore, bloody body.

Sliding her finger down the slices on his chest, “Poor baby, did she hurt you? It’s just not right when a woman hurts a man, now is it? A woman shouldn’t have that power, should she? Now. You like having control, don’t you? You like being able to fuck a woman any way you want then leave her hurt. Does it feel good baby? Does it feel good to be on the other side of it?”

“Please, I never meant to hurt you! I…”

“Oh I know. YOU…you can’t handle the commitment. You need to live for you right now. You need to keep your options open. YOU don’t know what you’re doing. You, you, you! Do you ever think about anyone else? Think about it, baby…” She leans down and kisses a fresh wound, “I coulda taken care of you…Do you remember? You’d been in Japan for a year and fresh off the boat…” Angelica places him inside her. “Doesn’t it feel good?” She moves herself atop him, “We work so well together. Do you feel it? Remember how hot the sex was that night in my car? New land-legs found me at Pop-a-Top. You told me you’d follow me home…Oh, yeah, you were inside me like this coming again and again…tell me you like it…” She moves her hips to bring her face down to his lips.

“Please Angel…” Small tears make sow tracks down his scruffy face, his head swimming with Angelica’s blurry face, he whispers, “please untie me.”

“Doesn’t it feel good to be with me? We coulda had a baby, Jared. I coulda let it live, looking like you my whole life. Remember when you told me that I’d never see you again? That’s when I knew what I had to do.

“Yes, I remember! Angel, please…” Jared’s understanding of Angelica’s motive brought terror to his throat, choking him to cough, “Untie me so I can hold you, so I can love you.” His sincerity bursts with his breaths. His desperation turns her sweet.

Angelica bends down and gently kisses the salty wetness on Jared’s cheek, then sits up and pulls from her bodice a syringe filled with a clear substance. Holding the needle near his elbow, she brings her lips to his arms and licks a trail of blood up to a raised vein from his struggles. Jared jerks his restricted arm.

“Shhh…” Angelica soothes, “if you move, I’ll miss, and this  could kill you instead of just putting you to sleep.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t worry. Just be calm.” She then inserts the needle and injects the substance into his bloodstream. Frantic fear clenches Jared’s chest until the darkness comes.


Enveloped by cold blackness, Jared’s fingers twitch, mechanically moving to his head. What the fuck? He moans and rubs his temples while his eyes flutter to adjust to the heavy dark around him. His chest clenches and his gut bellows, “Unght…” as Jared pushes up his naked body from the hard cellar ground. Tightening all his muscles, Jared brings his knees to his chest and sits up-right like a cat to survey his surroundings, a true Marine he has the combative instinct to stay low and be ready to strike.

His eyes focus on the only visible thing in the room: a pin-prick of light high in the distance. Hope widens his gaze. He glances down to see his hands for some sort of relief, however, the light didn’t deliver his hands nor their shadows. Jared flicks his spine erect and screams, “Angelica! Don’t do this to me! I barely knew you! You crazy bitch! Let me go! They’ll come looking for me!” He listens to silence answering his scream. “I’m sorry! Please let me make it right,” Jared cries. Feeling oppressed air release his rage, “Jesus Christ, Angel, FORGIVE ME!”

Nothing responded but echo in the dark damp dungeon he feels around him. Shaking, Jared stands up and stomps forward in a run, slamming his foot down with determination directly onto a nail, crumpling him on his knees back to the floor.

Shooting pain stabs the sole of Jared’s foot, but instead of staying still he sprints forward toward the light. Just as he begins to really run, glass embeds his soft tissue throwing him into a rage that propels him into a large hole in the ground, feet vanishing beneath him, Jared falls to a head-banging crash.


Up the cellar stairs, the women watch and stare as the life fades out of his dear eyes. At seeing Jared’s body dead at the bottom of a hole, Angelica gasps. Arms crossing her breasts, a slow smile brightens her eyes.

A grey-haired man enters the room and the women turn towards him doe-eyed as he cheers, “Raise your glasses ladies. Job well done! Now it’s time to eat. Amabit sapiens, cupient caeteri!”

In unison, the women shout, “Wise men love, others are mere lechers!” In one swallow the liquid drains from each goblet stained red.