Jared sauntered up to the table where the balls scattered across the green surface as the result of his fierce hit.  Stick in his hand, he stabilized his body with by gripping the sturdy wood.  He blinked away the haze of the last eight hours of drinking.

Focus complete.  He aligned the ball with the pocket.  Tap. Tap. Tap. Score.  Triumphant, Jared straightened erect.  Newfound balance carrying his body to his next shot.  The game continued, but pool wasn’t the only game he was interested in that night.  The week had been long, filled with the stress of discipline and following other people’s orders.  He stroked his beard, recalling the last week.  He focused his eyes on continuous sweeps of the room for a cat to play with.

The building was busy with the bustle of intermingling faces of all types.  He skipped over a group of overweight women, their hair feathered in front, long and straggly in back.  He jumped over a group of guys who were raising their glasses while belting out the words to the country song on the Jukebox.  He scanned up and down a girl standing against the bar.  She had one leg up, and her sleek pants held her deep curves.  Her shirt hugged her large melons.  He nodded…Possible.

Then, he spied the backside of a tall, shapely girl waiting for a drink.  She turned her head, and her blonde hair caressed her upper back.  Now that’s an ass!  He nodded and smiled.  She turned around.  Oooo, that’s nice.  Definite possibilities.  His eyes sucked in her shape for a bit and then moved on.  He glanced at a few girls who were nice, but his head was telling him to look for the girl from the bar.

Transformed into a detective with a mission, he now skimmed the meaningless figures that littered the bar.  He limited his scope when he spied black knee-high boots.  The three-inch heel began the softly sloping waves that formed her figure.  “Damn!” He said before his eyes had even reached her head.  He began to feel his body stir, awakening to the prowl.  He continued to drink in her dark shape until finally his eyes became intoxicated as he ended their journey on her face.

Double take.  Base to face.

“Hey!”  He grabbed the shirt of the guy standing next to him.  “Look at that!”  He nodded in the direction of his new obsession.

“Damn man!  Now that’s what I’d call the ultimate piece of ass!  Burger King couldn’t make anything more the way I want it.  I can imagine a number of ways I’d like to take that one.  I’d give her more meat than she can imagine between those buns.  But man, you saw her first,” his friend put his hand on Jared’s shoulder, “she’s yours.”

Hope stared at him from across the crowded room filled with Marines.  Sweat scented the air as the bodies on the dance floor produced powerful friction.  A bump.  A grab.  A hand caressing with desire guiding each finger.  A bump.  A grab.  Forbidden pleasure glowing in the eyes of all participants.  Yes, they were clothed, but the clothes were merely saran wrap protecting their bodies from pushing it too hard, too fast.  Foreplay.  As she narrowed her concentration onto his face the bell sounded.  Ding.  Ding.  Ding.  The target was set.  The dance floor flashed red.

She got out of her chair and walked boldly towards her target.  Their eyes met.  In a solo dance meant for him, she slowly moved one hand down her face and neck, sliding over her breast and down to her inner thigh.  His eyes grew wide as he absorbed her. With one hand now holding her black waves back from her face, the other on her thigh, she opened her legs, swinging her hips, lowering her center until she was crouching on the floor.  She slid her feet in half-circles, snake-like raising herself to an erect position.  She winked, bending her index finger in summons.

They stood face to face.  She grabbed his hip belt loop and pulled his torso to meet with hers.  Perfect beginning alignment.  She began to slide her center over his. He encircled her waist with his hand, and she began to open her legs with slow deliberate movements.  Jared lifted Hope with her now straddling his upper leg. Bump and Grab.  Bump and Grab.

Foreplay…Their faces swam together in the salty liquid their friction produced.  Lubricated their lips meet…Complete.

She led him with a delicate grip outside the club.  As the fresh air slapped their faces, he gripped her hand and spun her around, pulling her close.  They spanked together.  He began to ask, “Who are…”  She put her finger on his lips, sliding it over the pink tissue.  He enveloped her slender digit in the soft wetness inside.

“That’s my car.”

A passionate sword-fight for control began in the wet lusciousness. She rolled on top of him.  His back lay against the passenger side door.  Her hands began to feel every muscle of his chest, then his stomach.  When unwrapped she let her hand glide over his tip then tickled him with lip licks.  He moaned and bit his lip. She sucked until she made the sudden move of placing him inside her. His rock slammed into her backside, bending over in a seductive mambo worthy of a loud horn to sound the end.

“Will I see you again?”  He asked honestly.

“Not likely.”  She smiled brilliantly.  He nodded and turned towards the sidewalk heading away from the club.  She headed towards the club once more.

Neither looked back.