For Burt tonight, Betty had a surprise she bought from a costume store. Tired of being bored, Betty had an idea she wanted to explore…

When Burt walks through the door, he smells lasagna with garlic bread and sees his wife Betty dolled up like a merry maid like the pin-ups from his boyhood days! Cleaning the floor, there was his real, live fantasy!

With earbuds in, Betty dressed like a maid, shakes her full derriere at Bart, unconscious like a wave, so he walks behind her and grabs her sweet cheek, leaving a steal mill soot tattoo where his hand had been.

Laughing she turns round and stands up, taking her ear buds out, saying with a kiss to Bart’s thick cheek, “Hi, honey! What would you like to do tonight? Do you want to eat? A massage, maybe? I’m here for you to command, husband.” Betty squeezes up her cleavage with a bow. Burt sits down, his package hard now. He’s silent in awe, dumb-founded by surprise.

Then, a coy grin stretches his scruffy face, “I need to shower and change. Will you help me?”

“Of course, love, for tonight, I’m your maid.” Betty takes Bart’s hand and leads him to the master bedroom, where she begins to undress him, kissing the skin beneath as she bares it to the lamp-light. She kisses his belly-button, unbuttoning his trousers, but Burt wanting desert first, places his finger beneath Betty’s chin, leading her lips to his.

As they kiss deeper than their usual pecks, tongues moving with hunger and passion, Burt unzips her maid outfit, freeing her breast, and he then brings each nipple to receive a kiss-lick before he proceeds to pull of panties and black stockings, revealing her center, carefully groomed, warmed, and waiting for him.

Burt kisses her pelvis as he takes his middle finger down, splitting her folds and finding her hole, pushing a digit in while Betty lays back and moans. Burt’s face buried between Betty’s legs, he licks her ultra-sensitive bump just above his finger’s soft thrusts until onto his chin he feels Betty cum.

Lifting his face from between her legs, Burt asks, “Wanna take a shower with me?”

Burt turns on the shower to warm up, and Betty takes out two towels. While Burt is busy, Betty enters the large, corner shower door. Betty begins wetting her hair, arms following the water down her head, like she’s beneath a waterfall in some rock abyss. Burt quietly comes up behind his wife for a grab-hug scare.

“AHHH!” Betty screeches and laughs away her unconscious fears.

“Like you don’t know it’s me here!” And Burt kisses Betty’s wet neck and twists her so that the water now sprays his back.

Next, he lathers soap in his big, sturdy hands and begins circle-massaging his wife’s round breasts, taking care to give special twists around her nipples already erect, then returning one hand to a whole breast squeeze, while trailing his other hand down her belly to lather the center he just ate, but as he slips one then two fingers in to massage her with a moan, Betty pulls away.

“Wait,” Betty says as she lathers her hands and begins to whiten his chest hair, even giving him a soapy beard. “There. For Halloween, may I tell Santa what I want?” She giggles in his ear.

Burt sits down in the shower’s corner seat, cock solid in the water spraying, saying, “Come sit on Santa’s lap…” He hits his wet thighs with two smacks, “You’ve earned a present, my dear, for being such a dutiful wife this year! Sit your tush right here…”

Burt takes his dick in his hand and waves Betty over to him, and she swings her seat onto his lap, wiggling him in with an elated laugh, with his hands on her hips, eyes watching her ass and his balls kiss, until Betty leans her hand on the wall under the waterfall and bounces upon Bart’s lap hard, legs spread in his seat with Betty knees locked in between, and he feels Betty tense her core muscles, Burt sliding in her wet, deep pussy.

Betty increases the momentum as she begins to massage the bump earlier her husband had licked clean, and thinking of this, she states, “Oh fuck me honey, make me cum…like that but harder, hun…”

And Burt obeys, now standing behind her as she bends nearly over all the way, with her hands on the wall as a brace, and he takes her hips tight in his huge cushion hands, pushing his cock deep then slamming it in and out in smacking succession of hard core passionate thrust of fucking love until…

With a loud “OHHH!” the couple’s cum washed down the drain for a memorable Halloween!