(XXX: This might be too much for some people to touch;)

I’ve got a little story that I’d like to tell about two middle aged people who didn’t know each other well. Rob and Candy met on the internet, both bloggers in their free time, but they became friends over comments and replies. Chicago is the setting, in a Waldorf Astoria Terrace Suite with a view and adjoining rooms.

Let’s begin at the beginning of these two first face-to-face meeting following four months of internet sharing…

His suitcase wheeling quick to keep up, like a pet, a duffle bag over his shoulder, and flowers cradled, not crushed, in his free arm crook, Rob rushes into the hotel early before she arrives to prepare Candy’s room.

Knowing she’s late, Candy curses the Michigan Avenue traffic. Seeing the valet crescent and ready to park, she turns too quick and has to swerve to miss a man who walks in front of her car, as she stares ahead dreamily at the hotel. With a breath of the icy windy-city air, Candy disembarks from her van, with her wheelchair-rims collecting snow as she goes and stinging her small hands, bare.

Inside warm by a fire, jittery legs urge Rob to move around before Candy’s entrance into the Waldorf lobby. He looks at his phone, Forty minutes late? Maybe she’s not coming? Then, an arctic breeze chills his pant legs, and Rob turns towards the doors to at last watch her roll. He had thought he knew what to expect, but he wasn’t prepared for the blast that came next.

Oblivious to those around her, Candy stops just to the right of the door and wraps her arms in a hug real tight, squeezing her eyes shut as the pain from the cold warms it way out.

Rob watches with a wide grin as this woman preps herself for the meeting to begin. A black bear hat with fuzzy ears and dangling balls ties in a bow at her chin.

Never in all his years had he seen a hat such as that on a forty-eight-year-old woman! No one else could’ve pulled it off like Candy. For Rob in this moment, her striking features ignite explosive tingles in a man who could have any woman he wants.

With a slip of her hand, Candy removes her hat, not wanting a man she’s never met to see her in that. It makes her feel young again each time she laughs when, while pushing her wheelchair in the snow, she sees she has ears in her shadow.

A wild laugh bursts from her quick, so Candy covers her mouth and smooths down her dark locks, brown eyes scan for who caught her laughing at herself, disheveled and terrified is how she felt.

Rob strides long legs to stand by Candy’s wheelchair side, “You are by far the most beautiful breath of fresh air that’s come in through those doors tonight.” Looking handsome as can be, Rob leans down and kisses both Candy’s cheeks, and as her lips brush his skin, the heart in her chest leaps.

Candy shivers with cold delight, “It’s frackin’ cold out there! That wind is thick! Can we get a drink real quick?” She begs with her eye-lashes, like a doll with glasses.

Tickled by her exuberant speech and dimpled smile, lines showing her wise, a woman not a child, Rob chuckles, “I’ve got a bottle of wine in your suite if that’s ok, or we can search out the bar and see what celebrities or prostitutes we meet.”

“You crack me up! Come on, I spy the elevators over here. Where’s this room with a view you promised me?”

With four swift pushes Candy settles at the elevator door and sits in her wheelchair, waiting for Rob to follow and smiling sweetly all the while, as if she knows something secret that she’s ready to reveal.

Anticipation grumbles in his gut, Rob wondering, I wonder what she’s thinking? I guess I’ll find out when I get there…and we’re drinking…


Once in the hotel room relaxing, Rob scrutinizes Candy’s every move, with her actions answering many of his secret questions.

Warmed with wine and fire light, but bored with small talk, wanting more, Candy flips on the bed from her stomach to her side, balancing her wine in one hand while the other bends her knees with a carefully timed yank-slide.

Taking no notice of his prying eyes, until settled again Candy looks over at him, she says “I hope you don’t mind if I stare at you over in that chair…” Before Rob could throw an answer in the air, she continues, “I’m enchanted. This comforter that feels like I’m floating on a cloud, the Chicago skyline lit like it’s New Year’s Eve glowing in the window behind you…”

Candy pauses and inhales a deep breath, “And I have to admit the smell of those flowers you bought me is turning tricks in my head.” She pats the space next to her. “Will you come lie with me and play twenty questions as a game before we get on to bed? I’m like a curious cat, I need to watch you talk about yourself before I can even think of doing a thing like that!” And she covers a laugh with a sip from her wine glass.

With a face of stone, Rob drops his tone, “What if you don’t like my answers?”

Unabashed she says back, “I seriously doubt that, but fear not! I’m sure I have a consolation prize in my bag of tricks. Oh! Speaking of…” Just as he lies down, Candy hands her glass to him and says, “Want some popcorn?”

Then, like a kernel popping off the bed, into her wheelchair, she lands. Quick pushes about the room, and she returns to tear off the plastic wrap. After pressing start on the microwave oven, she inquires coy, “Would you enjoy some more wine?”

The smell of butter fills the air, as Rob’s heart beats like the corn being popped. When she serves him, he grins, “You’re quite entertaining to watch.”

Candy rolls back to retrieve the snack, then replies with her smile almost glowing in the shadow, “When anxiety begins to bubble in me, before I get myself in trouble, I must get busy doing something.

Measured, Rob says, “I hope I don’t make you anxious?”

Giggling Candy states, “To be honest, everything makes me anxious, but I try not to let it get in the way.” With this she tosses a piece of popcorn in the air and opens her mouth big, but it just bounces off her forehead into her hair. “Damn, I’m smooth. See!”

And Candy hops back onto the bed ready for another drink.

Intrigued by the replaying visual of a happy ending with Candy, “So…twenty questions, you say…”

“I’ll start easy: what were your parents like?” Eating individual kernels and chewing so slowly that Rob wants to be in between her lips sliding over her tongue too…

Rob couldn’t concentrate for a full three-count, then belts out, “Um, normal. Never around, but they loved me enough to let me make my own mistakes. My turn…umm…oh, what character traits did you inherit? Do you mirror your parents’ personalities?”

“Determination. I was determined to leave home and go anywhere else. Did you have any pets?”

Rob chuckles at the memory, “There was a neighborhood cat once. My little sister named it Snowball, but my older brother and his friends would torture it, so one day Snowball never came back again…” Not wasting a second, he asks the next, “Did your dad like your boyfriends?”

“Not one of them. I was obsessed with what Dad best described as ‘long-haired hippies who can’t keep their pants up’…funny, most the time I agreed. What high school stereotype best fit you?”

Candy leans in close enough to feel Rob’s breath as he speaks weak, examining his lips and how his tongue flows as he speaks, “I don’t know, I was in a band.” At this, back she sits.

She tips her glass to finish her wine, when Rob spies the top of her plump breasts. He bites his lips, but suddenly she bounces up on the bed, “May I take your glass?”

He hands it to her not thinking much, but how those lips he must touch.

Candy thinks to herself, Play this right, and we’ll both have an unforgettable night!

“So, Rob…” A serious line presses her lips, until she licks them and puts her head on her hand, “What was your most exotic…erotic…experience?”

Rob places his hand beneath Candy’s chin, “I don’t know…” He fingers her bottom lip, “Ask me in the morning, but now…”

Rob sweeps her long, dark hair over her shoulder, exposing the full- frontal V of her sweater, “Would it be alright if I kiss you?”

A gleam of command in her eyes, “Only if you…do it…slow.”

Their gaze locked, Rob slips his palm over Candy’s cheek, caressing her freckles with his fore-finger and thumb, until holding her jaw, he gently pulls down her thick bottom lip, with the thought, Your lips are my own cherry pie to lick…

Candy tongues the tip of his thumb, enveloping it as Rob pushes it in, as she thinks, With the taste of your thumb, my body explodes in wait for your tongue…

Again and again she sucks his thumb in. As Rob watches, Candy close her eyes.

So wanton her look, he knows he’s ready to insert his hook, and he slips his hand from her face to her hair.

Candy feels the tingles drop from her gut into her core and burst like sparklers, making her release a soft moan.

Rob puts his lips on Candy’s forehead, then nose, grazing each cheek and nuzzling down her neck, dragging his lips and scruff across her soft skin, then returning back to her chin, when tipping her head down, Candy kisses him.

As their lips first meet, their tongues touch in a soft-lick greet, then their tongues back up as their lips close again. Their four cushions peck, then they hard-press them together, their desire holding back no longer. At the same time, their mouths open wide, inviting a twisting of tongues now wet to slide.

Entangled in a hug, heads spin, their loins on fire! Hands roving over heads and backs, some hesitation to keep from going too fast, wanting to fall slowly…for it to last.

With Candy’s tongue in his mouth waves of passion vibrate with moans, when Rob opens his eyes to find Candy’s hand grasping his upper thigh.

My God! Candy thinks, Now, that’s well-endowed! She unzips his zipper and pulls him out to try to see how far she could take him in her mouth.

Candy licks the tip, then slides her tongue down his staff, only to return to his head again, leaning on his thigh as she begins to take his length and girth in with soft slips of staff to top again…and again…and again, each time taking a little more of him in her mouth.

Rob moans, “Ooohhh, my God!”

At his reaction, determination increases Candy’s pace, taking Rob’s cock in so deep, and yet not even coming close to smacking a kiss at his base!

Rob puts a hand on her crown, moving with her as she bobs up and down, until she begins to fondle his special sack, so tender her touch, fingering music, while on his cock, she sucks and sucks some more, until she hears Rob’s coming moan, and he pushes his cock as far as it can go down her throat, while she swallows him whole.

Rob begins to lose all control, pushing his hips up to her mouth, and Candy sucks so when he cums, his legs spasm and twitch…Candy swallowing as Rob shakes.

Giggling Candy throws herself to lie next to Rob on the king bed, “That got me really horny. Can I use that big thing?”

Laughing Rob rolls onto her body so slim, kisses her again as his knees spread her legs and he squeezes himself in, and already wet, her pussy sucks him deeper and deeper with each push Rob gives Candy.

As her chest arcs, Rob rides his hands up her body, finding her breasts squishing them together. Her nipples so high they touch in his mouth as he bites them both, to which Candy moans and smacks his ass, saying, “Yes! Harder please! I need you to fuck me! But, can I turn over? Doggie-style’s what I need!”

Rob flips her onto her chest, slides in again and again, then he begins to push with added force against her sweet end. The volume of Candy’s reactions to his speed makes him increase with fervent need to hear Candy orgasming.

Candy supports herself with her arms, while Rob sits up and grasps her hips, thrust and banging his long, wide dick into her, until screaming upon him she creams, while he keeps pushing in deep and deeper then, “Oh…fuck…” Her face falls in a pillow sham, “Can we turn over, please, my arms have given in?”

Leaning over, and kissing her shoulder, hips still moving, but slower, “Of course, love, whatever you need, I’m here for your pleasure, can’t you see…” And he kisses her lips deeply.

Then, with a quick whip, Candy turns back over in a jiff, grabbing her knees, pulling them to her chest tight, then saying, “If I put my feet on your shoulders, would it be alright?”

Stuck in between, Rob grabs both legs by the knees, while her hands move her core from underneath like a machine, swinging until her straight legs make her pussy so tight, Rob falls upon Candy with a moan, inside his cock so hard and ready to explode, while folded like an accordion, squeezing each other with the rhythm of passion, fucking each other in such an erotic fashion, until pounding and pounding together they swish an orgasm they’ll never forget on the night that they officially first met.

Lying next to each other on the bed, Candy says, “Wanna take a bath? We can continue getting to know each other as we get soothing wet.”

“May I carry you?” Rob asks.

“Sure, but only if you start the bath. I hate being cold when I get wet.”

Laughing Rob jumps up, and Candy watches his super cute butt obey her command, like she was his master in some sex-slave plan.

Self-consciously, Candy wraps her arm around Rob’s neck, “Sorry if I smell, I really do need a bath.”

“I smell only myself,” Rob states with a laugh, as he cradles her tiny body to the tub already filled up. He climbs in, sitting while Candy slides down his body.

“Ya know, Rob…you have a very memorable ass.”

“Thanks…You’re much different than I thought you’d be…” Rob says, then regrets right away.

Candy’s pout makes Rob’s heart want to break out, but she says instead, “I know I’m kinda old, but…” She takes her fingers like scissors and pinches her nipples, hoisting her cleavage up real puffy, “I can be perky when I wanna be.” Growing red, Candy slips beneath the water up to her ears.

Rob kisses her head, chuckling, “Sweetie, you’re perfect, that’s what I was trying to say. Come here, lean against me, and I’ll bathe you like a queen.”

Squeezing her knees to her chest, Candy spins on her ass and lays back.

Rob opens a bottle and dumps it in her hair, massaging her scalp with suds building up, until she takes his hands and placing them on her bubbly chest while sinking to rinse off the soap from her head.

Candy moans as Rob pinches her nipples, then squeezes gently the tissue beneath, encouraging her to rub her body onto his, caressing his cock with her back and stopping just above her little ass.

Rob lifts Candy’s hips, inserting himself into her wet warmth, moving her up and down on his lap while the water laps over the tub’s lip.

Too fast for the tub, Candy says, “Hold up…this is something I’ve always wanted to try…” And she uses her cut biceps to push her chest to hug the side of the tub, “How ‘bout this for a little while?”

“How ‘bout I take you to the bed again?” He picks her back up and away they go back to the fire aglow. Rob kisses away the drips on her lips, down her neck over her breasts, he licks.

Moaning and wanting his long dick inside her again, Candy turns onto her side.

Rob cues in and begins to massage her shoulder, as he lays next to her, pushing deeper and deeper and deeper still, until…

Candy arches her back  and Rob rides her while holding her breasts as she screams, and as he hears his cock upon her ass pound, “Yeah…oh…yeah…I’m gonna cum!”

Rob watches as Candy’s face finds a pillow, and as his cock slides in, out, then in deeper, his moans turning to growls, his animal-self takes off!

Candy’s yelps growing faster with Rob bracing her hips to take his repeated dick-hits, and he feels her cum soak him before pulling out quick and releasing himself on the heart of her back, falling over and ready to relax…

Cuddling up to Candy, Rob kisses her shoulder, “So…What now?”

“Well, honestly, I’d like to lie here with you and do nothing.” Snuggling under the covers, Candy traces figure-eight’s on Rob’s back while hugging him for dear life. She feels a connection she just can’t explain, and she wants Rob all to herself for the evening.

A burst of fireworks explodes in Rob’s chest as Candy strokes his back and neck, holding him after sex. He has to kiss her again, so he finds her chin, lifting her lips to his, eyes gazing souls that want to fly to more. Long tongue glides in their wet mouths resurface their hunger.

But, Candy pulls back as they begin to grow excited, “Can I ask you a question?”

Settling on a pillow, Rob says, “Of course.”

“Why haven’t you been married?” Candy watches him for irritation at the imposing question.

“I guess I’d say…because women are unpredictable.”

“Wow! Please explain.” Intrigued by his blatant response, Candy’s intent on talking now.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved women and respect them greatly, but…I guess that by the end of all my relationships, I knew she wasn’t the one. There was always so much I didn’t want to get about their mind, you know, the hidden stuff that comes out over time.”

“I get it! I’m a woman and I don’t get me. No man ever stuck around long enough to deal with what you’d call ‘all of me’…instead they left me or I left them, equally scared to commit to an idiot.”

“Based on reading your blog, I know you’re unpredictable, with an always changing mood!”

“And I can say the same about you too.” Candy rubs her nose into Rob’s chest hair.

“I feel like we’re bears ready to hibernate tonight.” Rob smiles and begins to move his hand over Candy’s breast, putting her nipple into his mouth, then pulling it out and batting it with his tongue, like a snake ready to strike, as she moans, telling him that it’s all right.

Candy thinks, I can’t believe he can go again too! Most men are done after one, and I’m bored the rest of the night! And she gropes his hardness, yearning for Rob to be inside her again, so she tosses her leg over his hip, her foot hitting his ass, then after massaging her sweet spot with his tip, Candy pushes him in to fill her hole.

As he adds pressure to enter Candy again, Rob contemplates, Of this woman, I can’t get enough! He pushes himself deeper with soft thrusts, Candy grasping his bum, with her fingers leaving indentations.

Rob rolls on top of her, grabbing her knees and bending them for Candy, who squeezes her breasts between, nipples long and popping, with his dick sliding in her pussy that’s tightening.

Locked together like this Candy’s eyes bulge while watching his length thrusting faster and faster in and out of her, sliding with perfect timing, and as she held her breath a moan stuck in her throat, Candy looks up to spy Rob leaning down, in so deep, biting her nipple and pulling it with his teeth.

Rob watches Candy wince, grabbing his head and squishing his face to her chest. Candy’s body begins to foam, and Rob can’t help himself anymore, pulling out with an “UUUUGGHHH!”

As she records in her memory the sound and face of Rob cumming on her tummy, Candy smiles, loving these moments of release with the one man who can keep up with her whimsical fantasies.

Rob jumps up to get a towel, and while wiping Candy off, he asks, “I brought some hot cocoa and whip cream. Would you like to sit by the fireplace for a drink?”

“With you, I’m up for anything!”