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unbuttoned and unbuckled: erotic flash fiction

During a night of merry drinking with an old friend, the intoxicating conversation stimulates us to confess liaisons. Then, he languidly ambles with me outside. When hugging our byes, like a lonely magnet to a warm fridge, his lips found mine. Pressured passion begins bubbling and bursting lust in our mouths, making our hands lose control!

So, with a click of the door, we climb in my van, removing each other’s clothes behind ultra-shaded windows. Naked I sit on the back seat, and he stands unbuttoned and unbuckled over me, squeezing in between my knees, like a snake ready to be engulfed by ground in spring…

He commences pushing and pushing himself in whole, then down come his lips to my breast-tip, while I lift my hips in retort to the moan he lets go…

The van shakes as we shift and turn, with me holding the top of the back seat as he plays his instrument from behind, and I get hotter, louder, wetter as he climbs higher, deeper inside, thrusting and thrusting with rhythmic pumps, until we explode together out onto the van floor, slumped.

After a short, silent smiling scurry to dress, he walks out my door and asks, “Maybe we can do this again sometime?”

To which I laugh and reply, “I know I wouldn’t mind some more, so when you’re back in town shoot me a line.”

The rest maybe I’ll share one day…sometime…

Teasing Me

As time makes dilapidated my body and face, it is my wont to try and escape…Tall, strong, and bold you stand on the side of the road. I pick you up, then off to my abode. We throw our clothes off to the floor, kissing madly…eyes-closed, flogging fingers on skin, too hot to hold. Slip-sliding you begin to move your inches in, teasing me by popping your tip to my top then beginning again.

Like a retired stallion mounted, I challenge you to a race of who can finish loudest, so we shake and pound harder…Hips in a rhythm of ass-smacking grace, as my coming release begins to contort my face! Pony-tale pulled taut, sagging breast clenched, we sprint ourselves in a rush of pushing and pounding our ends, ’til we get off…With a yell of, “Oh, my fuck!” Loud enough to make the window rock.



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