Hopelessly Inappropriate

Adult Lust and Love


adult fiction

Ravish me, Love

Oh, Love, is large my woe!

Rejected, I hold no favor

in thy shadowed eyes.

Wilted heavy is my heart—

a weed buried deep in snow.


Aye, Love, time is so slow,

since last seen, we did part.

With no word kind

or otherwise received, I

tremble, “You’ve forgotten me!


May you not be a memory

or just some fanciful dream!

Steal into my chamber

by starlight, ravish me, Love,

give me a reason to scream!



Too Hot to Handle

That moment plays in my mind like a hypnotic flute…You as eager as I to feel our kiss, you lean over and in. Our lips speak with passionate tongues, igniting tingles that had been lost, for only with you is a savoring moan found.

One hand on your head, I inhale your pheromones, as you nip at my nipple. Your hard cock pushed up against me, I must unleash from your pants. Through the zipper your fat head pops out with taut skin so smooth, I’m compelled to put you in my mouth.

The sound of your moan erupts me wet! Needing to hear you blow at the end, I take you all in again and again, holding you like a treasure in the back of my throat, then fast over the top tip, hand to mouth, sliding you in, sucking until you burst with that sound I love!

It’s hard to forget something like this…especially when the man is too hot to handle, like this beautiful dick!

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