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adult poetry

as it slips into my kiss…

I recall your tip

again and again…

experiencing it

as I lick your

thick stick…

I come to your tip

upon my lips

and I kiss it

before enveloping

the taut, smooth skin

over my favorite bone…

I swallow dick down

my open throat

as you moan

your length in me

allowing your tip

down, down slip…

until your base

my lips hit

with my wet lips

then back up

you feel my tip-kiss

and slide you in

over my tongue

again and again…

I keep the rhythm

until panting

that sound I love

you pinch my tit

and I swallow your dick

as you spritz my throat

with a soothing coat

of your passionate sludge

rewarding me

for my dedication

to your satisfaction!

I can’t help but recall

in the slow days of fall

how much I love

your hot thick dick tip

as it slips into my kiss…



a part of me wants a piece of you

I have a valley of ache–

a place you’ve not been,

at least not as of late–

where I want you to lay

a piece of you pressing

in to that part of me,

mating hunger with thirst

in our blessed curse

of sexual pleasure

between two people

who will never meet,

except here, on a screen.

I crave your beat in me!

I crave a beat in me!

For now, I’ll forgo the blues.

Maybe a soft melody?


I need some Jazz,

and a tall man to play me

like his up-right bass,

with frisky fingers

playing pleasure notes!


I’d succumb to your rhythm,

as you bend me over

to bang on my ass like a drum.


How I crave your beat in me!




you soak me panting

You, my love, and me,

at sunset on a sandy beach,

sit holding hands silently.


As foam bubbles tickle our feet,

we listen to water brush land.

In the sand, worries buried deep.


You roll upon me, softly sighing,

your center between my knees,

spread like butterfly-wings flying…


You begin to push passionate waves,

filling me with your steamy love,

me holding back…my burst, I save…


With your hands bracing my hips,

I hear your heavy breathing change,

and you soak my panting pussy lips.


We then watch the fluffy clouds fly,

laughing at the characters in the sky,

allowing time to aimlessly slip by.



let your breath spank me

Do you want me to beg?

Down on my knees,

fingers clasped, I plead.


Please! Bring that cock

over here to me!

Allow me to put you

in my mouth–

my act of contrition

for pushing you away

in the first place.


Do you want me to beg?

Down on my knees,

I kiss your feet.


Please! Bring that cock

over here to me.

On all fours,

DOGS let’s be,

panting wildly,

fucking away reality,

with a bulging ass

as my offering.

to the ONE

I keep proffering.


Some may say,

“To thine OWN

SELF be true!”



that’s what I miss

about talking

with YOU!


Do you want me to beg?

Down on my knees,

fingers clasped, I plead:



Your head of wisdom

I sorely need!

Let your breath again

spank me with fantasy!



Should I let my growl go?

I’ve a growl in me

I keep fighting

to suppress…

it sits in my throat

just behind tonsils,

which hang…


to be vibrated

by the growl

finally coming out.


Should I let my growl go

ahead and roar,

I know I’ll not

be able to control

my tongue anymore,

and the fire in my gut

will with oxygen erupt!


You NEVER know

what I’ll throw up!

my naked lover of hard pleasure 

My naked lover of hard pleasure fingers me open with a hot touch, kinky kissing of ears and chest, slowly stroking, squeezing bare balled, taut nipples licked wet, then…

a banging howl in my mouth, our naughty friction of oral perfection, as you thrust your thick sticky dick on my tongue, and I swallow down your honey drip.

Desire Inside

waiting          wishing

yearning       churning

bubbling       boiling

coming          going

stripping       whipping


That’s how I feel when you hide!

(The pic is of an old cigarette case from the Flapper Days;)

Speak to Me Your Wants

What do you want of me?

Am I your fantasy?


Like me, do you dream

of erotic trips to take,

places to penetrate?


Can you still tell me

what you desire,

you know, the truth

of what inspires

your love spring

to shoot higher?



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