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adult poetry

dripping wax

For this holiday season, I’m going to do something different.

Each night I’m going to strike a match, inhale, then light a long white candle wick.

I’ll dream of dropping wax upon your skin, watching you react.

Each December evening, I’ll sit in front of that long white wick.

I’ll recall how in fall I tongue-teased you ’til you came and went.

Each lonely star-filled night as I go to bed a little wet, I’ll use my magic wand so you tease me too, for in love I repeatedly use you.

As January comes around and the ball drops a new one down, maybe by then you’ll be in my bed, not this damn blow-up doll instead.

Friend with Benefits? (Erotic Humor)

As the fall rain

patters from above,

my heart beats

a sad rhythm of love.

Another grey day

to think time away

with you, my love,

a world from me.

Remember strip rummy

in my basement?

Naked pawing parts,

lips in a long kiss…

and after too much beer,

I belched in your mouth!

Beet red were my cheeks,

but we laughed and

returned to our mission


I threw my leg over

your hip for permission!

We rocked and rolled

and played, but…

never did you stick it in!

Why? I wonder much!

Even back then,

friends with benefits

didn’t work for us!

Speak to Me Your Wants

What do you want of me?

Am I your fantasy?


Like me, do you dream

of erotic trips to take,

places to penetrate?


Can you still tell me

what you desire,

you know, the truth

of what inspires

your love spring

to shoot higher?



slam your head into my heart’s core (erotic humor)

Just the idea

of being

a thought

in your day

drives me

insane in

all my body’s


I squeeze

my thick


pushing down

the heart


my chest

to calm

my love’s




I strap on

a chastity belt

to preclude

my propensity

for fingering

that hole

only you can

fill whole

warm and wet

for our

love seeds

to grow.

With each


I miss you

more than


so please,

my love,

slam your

head into

my heart’s core!


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