Hopelessly Inappropriate

Adult Lust and Love


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Ravish me, Love

Oh, Love, is large my woe!

Rejected, I hold no favor

in thy shadowed eyes.

Wilted heavy is my heart—

a weed buried deep in snow.


Aye, Love, time is so slow,

since last seen, we did part.

With no word kind

or otherwise received, I

tremble, “You’ve forgotten me!


May you not be a memory

or just some fanciful dream!

Steal into my chamber

by starlight, ravish me, Love,

give me a reason to scream!



Shall I Compare Thee to Me?

Your laugh lines

display your grace;

full breasts bounce

as you keep pace

each day racing

your full moon round,

beautiful like your face.

And, you appear quite

stunning in a negligee

of holey, white lace…


Shall I compare

thee to me?


My lines turn down

upon my smile;

deflated my boobs

lay on my chest flat.

Daily my tiny belly

bloats out with gas.

Years of sitting

left bony my ass.

And I wear a moo-moo

like grandmas of the past!


Shall I compare

thee to me?

I’m just a shrew

with you his queen.


hiding in my hole

You slither inside me

from brain to throat,

then to gut…

and a little back up.


You, a slick snake,

in search of the apple

I ate long ago,

hiding in my hole.





a fun house


DOWN     is         UP


          UP         is       DOWN


            the world is a FUN HOUSE





     Time plays music loud






I’m a CLOWN ambling along





my blog, my sanctuary

With words, I build

us a sanctuary where

we worship together

love and lust.


Herein, we explore ways

of thriving in this world,

where there’s no limit

to how far our minds’

can take us, still just kids



I build a large life full of

love, lust, and laughter

with the words I write.


Together we can train

our brains to find fun again,

aging and playing poetry

until life feels right.


Here’s my advice:

Hold onto love and lust

with all your might, and

remember that within fantasy

you can release relief

for all your strife!

Is there anybody out there?

I’m sick so much of the time

days are like sips of consciousness:


I watch my screen, hung as art…

do I still have a beating heart?


As the world drones on, I’m alone

in an episode of Twilight Zone.

Stay Visible!

I am the cloud

water like smoke


the precipice

of mountain top.

Here, I hang out…

My way to show

beauty to God

and those below!

The challenge is:


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