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erotic love letter

dripping wax

For this holiday season, I’m going to do something different.

Each night I’m going to strike a match, inhale, then light a long white candle wick.

I’ll dream of dropping wax upon your skin, watching you react.

Each December evening, I’ll sit in front of that long white wick.

I’ll recall how in fall I tongue-teased you ’til you came and went.

Each lonely star-filled night as I go to bed a little wet, I’ll use my magic wand so you tease me too, for in love I repeatedly use you.

As January comes around and the ball drops a new one down, maybe by then you’ll be in my bed, not this damn blow-up doll instead.

that sound you make (erotic poetry)

your cock, my mouth

a slow rock in…out

lick round the tip

then back in again

deeper this time

your cock so far

down my throat

with you, I moan

as your breaths

grow shorter

that sound you make

getting louder

with my momentum

at a deep-throat pace

in and out

you slip and slide

with that sound you make


you cum all over

my neck and face!


This addiction is

my hopeless curse!


When you cum

it’s pure pleasure,

for that sound you make

is a reward for

us coming together!


Teasing Dick (erotic humor)

If I could…

I’d let you watch me undress

I’d bite your ear lobe

I’d nibble your neck

I’d put your face in my breasts

I’d tickle your thigh up to your dick

I’d swallow you tip to base

I’d take you in again and again

I’d watch your face as you explode

I’d beg for you to fill my hole

I’d put you in and off we’ll go

I’d ride your cock like a bull

I’d bounce and pound us a thrill

until we both yell, “OHHHH!”

And I’d fall over with sweat chills!



My Lady, I love you on top

If you were here, my lady, I know what I’d do:

My hands warmed with oil and friction, I’d sit over your bare butt, massaging your velvety back and neck. You’re so tight from all your stresses lately, so you moan loud enough to vibrate my hands that slide all over your skin, and like a snake hidden, my cock shoots out my erection.

Then, as my fingers knead into your womanly muscles, you experience tingles of tension releasing. Rubbing on some oil, you, my lady,  reach back to slide your hand down the length of my cock, while I massaging your tits, as you begin to get on all fours, and I push my head in…and with a rogue tap to your ass, I rock you wet, moving my cock in your depth, but to assure you cum…

I put you on top of my cock, I watch you, my lady, push on my chest, squeezing tight your tits, then leaning over me with a deep wet kiss, swaying your pussy over my cock, and I grab tight your sweet-ass cheeks as I push up, while you swing your hips, kissing me, until…

You push up on the bed, and your nipple swings into my mouth, and as I bite lightly, your pussy gets real tight and hearing your moan, watching your cum face, spurs my cum out of me, and we both drip all over the center of my body happily.

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