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love letters

as it slips into my kiss…

I recall your tip

again and again…

experiencing it

as I lick your

thick stick…

I come to your tip

upon my lips

and I kiss it

before enveloping

the taut, smooth skin

over my favorite bone…

I swallow dick down

my open throat

as you moan

your length in me

allowing your tip

down, down slip…

until your base

my lips hit

with my wet lips

then back up

you feel my tip-kiss

and slide you in

over my tongue

again and again…

I keep the rhythm

until panting

that sound I love

you pinch my tit

and I swallow your dick

as you spritz my throat

with a soothing coat

of your passionate sludge

rewarding me

for my dedication

to your satisfaction!

I can’t help but recall

in the slow days of fall

how much I love

your hot thick dick tip

as it slips into my kiss…



a part of me wants a piece of you

I have a valley of ache–

a place you’ve not been,

at least not as of late–

where I want you to lay

a piece of you pressing

in to that part of me,

mating hunger with thirst

in our blessed curse

of sexual pleasure

between two people

who will never meet,

except here, on a screen.

I crave your beat in me!

I crave a beat in me!

For now, I’ll forgo the blues.

Maybe a soft melody?


I need some Jazz,

and a tall man to play me

like his up-right bass,

with frisky fingers

playing pleasure notes!


I’d succumb to your rhythm,

as you bend me over

to bang on my ass like a drum.


How I crave your beat in me!




Oh, the things we could do…(erotic humor)

Oh, the things

we could do

to make each

other sing…

I wish I could

tie you down.

I’d use a feather,

tickling secret spots,

then I’d use

some ice to

blow and lick

the tickles off.

You’d get your turn

to tease me too!

I’d let you spank me

for being too dirty,

then you’d soothe me

with some cream,

as you slide into me.

How about we try

a sex swing?

You teach me

how to fly!

sex in public

I wonder…Could I actually have sex in public? I admire those who can because you’d have to have balls to finish with others around (personally, I’m too loud;)

Despite my fear, I found a place for us to hide in a public parking lot behind a building, which is absolutely dark and just down the street from me, where we can hit our secret desires, bouncing and booming in my van for all to hear!

Now, when I picture your perfect cock in my mouth or pouncing upon my pussy, I place us there without a care!

let your breath spank me

Do you want me to beg?

Down on my knees,

fingers clasped, I plead.


Please! Bring that cock

over here to me!

Allow me to put you

in my mouth–

my act of contrition

for pushing you away

in the first place.


Do you want me to beg?

Down on my knees,

I kiss your feet.


Please! Bring that cock

over here to me.

On all fours,

DOGS let’s be,

panting wildly,

fucking away reality,

with a bulging ass

as my offering.

to the ONE

I keep proffering.


Some may say,

“To thine OWN

SELF be true!”



that’s what I miss

about talking

with YOU!


Do you want me to beg?

Down on my knees,

fingers clasped, I plead:



Your head of wisdom

I sorely need!

Let your breath again

spank me with fantasy!



craving you like a dinner I devour

I’m here. You’re there. I’ve tried to touch you somehow, somewhere, but to no avail. At this point, I understand you just can’t care. I guess I should stop caring too, but you should know, I could NEVER stop wanting, craving you, like a dinner that I devour where I have all your power!

Speak Straight, Woman!

Stop speaking

in alphabet soup,

like magic making sense

only for the message

to disappear again,

with rings of repetition

life rafts for my patience.

I’m hanging on

trying to understand

what you’re saying

through this blog

of constantly changing

moods of love or full moons.

Speak straight, woman!

What are you trying to say?

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