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How Mental Are You During Sex?

Is it cheating if you picture someone else during sex? I’d really like to know what other people think. My experience with long-term sexual relationships is short: my husband. If a woman’s orgasm is mental, isn’t it just a means to an end? I had to investigate the orgasm problem my other women friends also often commented to me about. (I attached an interesting article about entitled “Facts about the female Orgasm” from Everyday Health;)

When I first married, I was pregnant. So, for about three years of my marriage, my husband and I rarely connected, especially in the bedroom. When we did, in order to finish for him, I had to imagine my favorite cock in my head. I would feel guilty afterwards, like I’d kinda cheated.

Over time I became angry at the fact that I couldn’t orgasm for my husband without bringing another man into our bed. I had the grand idea of blogging naughty thoughts and then taking them into bedroom with my husband. We began to explore different positions, and I enjoyed pleasing him more, to the point that now he knows how to really get me in the end so that I actually cum from him!

I guess I still feel that whatever gets you off is better than not being able to release your pent-up frustrations;) I don’t know. You tell me!

What’s the perfect penis?

My best friend is a man. (Surprise!) He, of course, is gorgeous! You know, tall, dark and strikingly handsome. If I didn’t know him and passed him on the street, I’d have my auto-response thought and picture the size of his cock. I’d ponder:

“He’s tall, but muscular, so I’d say medium length, but wide enough to tease-pop my mouth and pussy with great strength. I could have fun with that man and his hot ‘n’ coy face!”

The point to this story is that he asked me once: Does size matter?

I can think of two times that it did, and those men did NOT have a perfect cock like his. (I hope you enjoy the stories I will post of these experiences.)

But, for now, I wonder what you think: What’s the perfect cock? Does size determine the amount of pleasure in a man’s ride?

To your own self be true! What really rocks for you?

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