Hopelessly Inappropriate

Adult Lust and Love


unrequited love

Ravish me, Love

Oh, Love, is large my woe!

Rejected, I hold no favor

in thy shadowed eyes.

Wilted heavy is my heart—

a weed buried deep in snow.


Aye, Love, time is so slow,

since last seen, we did part.

With no word kind

or otherwise received, I

tremble, “You’ve forgotten me!


May you not be a memory

or just some fanciful dream!

Steal into my chamber

by starlight, ravish me, Love,

give me a reason to scream!



Shall I Compare Thee to Me?

Your laugh lines

display your grace;

full breasts bounce

as you keep pace

each day racing

your full moon round,

beautiful like your face.

And, you appear quite

stunning in a negligee

of holey, white lace…


Shall I compare

thee to me?


My lines turn down

upon my smile;

deflated my boobs

lay on my chest flat.

Daily my tiny belly

bloats out with gas.

Years of sitting

left bony my ass.

And I wear a moo-moo

like grandmas of the past!


Shall I compare

thee to me?

I’m just a shrew

with you his queen.


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