I’m not a shady lady.

I wonder if you know?

Do you read my words

and take them for truth?

I should explain if you do:


I use fantasy and hyperbole

and hopelessly inappropriate

metaphors and imagery

to be more than I can be!


I think it’s most erotic to

picture things I can’t do and

write how I’d make them true.

Then, I give an erotic scene to you.


When I get erotic with someone

the turn-on’s more than physical.

It’s the romance of watching

another’s actions unravel personality

and feeling smitten in conversation

that really heightens my inner sexuality.


But, I’ve never had reality equal fantasy,

not even when my fantasy is in my reality.

I guess that’s the problem for me…

Maybe that makes sense to somebody.


(During lonely days, I often contemplate

what life would be like with working legs?

Would romance be more attainable

if maybe I were more “normal”?

Honestly, I don’t think so.)


I just need my readers to know

I love writing erotic stories, but

I’m not an internet whore!

Just a confused woman wanting more.

I’m not a fantasy in reality,

no romance behind my home’s door.


Obviously, I have a secret love for JJ Grey;)