I look up at the winter’s full moon, and behind my eyes, I’m surprised by the moving-picture memory that comes:

I watch your tight white ass walk into the master bath and return with a wet rag, cock still bouncing hard after our new cum mess.

Dimpled-dear, I ask, “So what do you wanna do now? Eat? Watch a movie? Have sex again?”

You walk over hand me a wet cloth, and I clean my sex parts and look up. You put your hand in my ratty hair, pull my lips to yours, and reply, “I’ll take more sex for $1000 please.”

And you kiss me. We side-roll, tongues colliding with pressure hard enough for me to throw my leg over your hip, making our privates kiss as well.

A hand on my cheek, you pause our passion and ask, “Hey, you wanna try something different? I kinda bought us a friend.”

Rogue I reply, “What do ya have in mind?”

You open the night stand drawer and remove two toys: one is long with a bulbous head, the other some warming cinnamon/mint double-headed lubricant.

“Shall we play chase the orgasm all day?”

“Can I try it out by myself first?”


I take the vibrator, turn it on, put oil on it, and slide it down. Pussy tingles spring into spasms as the bulbous head massages my inside cavern, and I close my eyes. You begin squeezing my breasts, sitting beside me on the bed.

I encourage, “Why don’t you climb up, put your dick between my tits with your tip in my mouth.” You obey and I cradle your back with my thighs and push and thrust the vibrator inside me with a moan.

Pinching my nipples between fore and middle fingers, you wrap my cushions around your cock, slowly sliding through onto my tongue stuck out waiting for you, big and hard, to come in my mouth.

Below I plunge the vibrator deeper, lifting you on my hips up, while you lean down pushing your cock long in my throat. Moving soft and slowly our tension builds until I cum as you moan, your balls to my chin.

As you slip back out, I grab your ass and ask, “Baby, can we try something else?” You dismount my chest panting to continue, and I turn over, “Will you put yourself in my ass while I hit my front with this?”

My little cheeks smooth you bite with a laugh, “Anything you ask!”

To which I reply, “Here, my love, use this. I bet mint would be best.”

Slow you slip your slick finger then dick into my smallest hole, squeezing through the tight ‘til it relaxes, and as you ride my behind, I reach for my vibrating tool, pushing it into my vaginal canal.

Like wild animals we start to go to town, and you pound and I push with the momentum lubricated and smooth on the thin skin inside my asshole and pussy, the only thing between the two hard cocks coming into me…

Our moans grow louder as we pound and smack harder again and again the cocks colliding in me until I cream all over my hand with a scream, and you cum in my ass, as we fall next to each other breathing heavy.

I ask with a laugh, “Well, hun, are we done, or do you have something else in mind?”

“How ‘bout we switch things around? You could bend me over the bed and show me how you take it from me with the help of a strap and our new friend.”

“Oh, yeah! I’m in!” I answer with enthusiasm, “I’ll give fucking like a man a try!”

Dick strapped on tight, I wet you both with oil, standing at our bedside. I shove you over and with a lubed finger open your hole up, getting it loosened before I insert.

I slide into you, asking in a timid way, “Is this ok?”

“Oh yeah, baby, just go as you feel I would” You say breathy, “Slow at first…yeah…” You pet your cock, “Keep going until I get off…”

Just like when our roles are reversed, I got bored with the slow at first, and I began riding it in, and ramming your backside like we rehearsed, and as you jack your cock hard, I pound…

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” You say muffled in the bed, pulling at your cock-head, and I grab your ball sack, squeezing with a gentle tug, sliding in again and again as you spew cum all over the rug.

I pull out, and you fall to the ground, “I need some protein, let’s take a bath and put some steaks on the grill, then we’ll return to the task at hand.” And you toss the vibrator onto the disheveled bed.