Near faint I knocked, knowing what I must do…He answered in a white towel, and baby-blue eyes shinned.

“Hi,” Jason whispered, “I so needed to see you!”

My hand limp in his, he led me into his lion’s den, and upon his furry couch, I reclined.

“So, I just showered, what do you want to do? I’ve missed you…”

I sat staring at him, thinking, How do I let him in? Why can’t I trust him?

“I don’t know what’s up, you’ve eluded me for days, so where are you?” I stared frozen on his cushions…faltering for admission…

“I guess the question is whether you want to talk or have me put a condom on and fuck?”

I laughed. “You’re such a dick! But dammit you make me laugh!”

He took his towel in his right hand and waved it with a coy grin that gave me NO choice but to again take him in and bang out our dating frustrations until we come up with a conclusion.

Jason took two steps, and he was by my side. With his soft bald head and silky, hairless skin sliding over mine. He lay next to me, purring like a cat and nuzzling my face until his lips found mine.

And his kiss stimulated me deeper down than his tongue could go, all the way to my throbbing core. Locked by lips, we slipped to the ground.

Holding his head so that we’re eye to eye, voice shaking like an addict for his body, I said, “I want you to ravish me completely.”

As he pulled my clothes off, his lips covered my skin in licks and kisses, reminding me of why I fell in love with him. Soft and gentle, teasing wet my center awake, he enters me, tenderly kissing my neck.

Then, his kisses turned to bites as I watch him hard move in, then deeper to places no other cock could hit with such enthusiasm. I watched his boy-like features contort into a pleasure-hunting creature as we cradled each other grasping each other’s cum buttons.

Our bodies turned into animals after a season of wait! Jason turned me over with a start! Behind his prowess pounding into me tantalized pussy-power that sent us howling while we jump and jiggle around and around into a tail spin of climax…

With a rogue kiss, he picked me up like a baby and proceeded to set me down on his bed for another round.

I took him in my mouth, to which he moaned and whispered, “Will you, please baby, play with my bum?”

I sucked him off, gratifying his request, and he licked me clean. We came up and down, round after round, and when I left he bit my ear and exclaimed, “How can you leave me again?”

“When you make fantasy and reality merge in me, I can’t tell anymore what’s real.”

“I need you. You’re my queen. Please, baby, stay the night with me.”

“No, but tomorrow I’ll bring you a lasagna.”

“You really are the woman of my dreams!”