With distance against us,

I’ll make time on our side.

You ring me with a ditty;

I dance at this sound joy.

I prepared for your voice:

showered, shaved, naked.

I answer like your call girl,

with a breathy word, “Hello?”

“I’ve been reading you.”

I hear you laugh-grin coy.

“There’s many positions I’d do

just so I can entertain you.”

“Will you tell me about a few?”

After being so sad, my girl’s back!

“Will you do me a big favor?”

I proposition you, my lover,

“Will you reach down low

And unzip your pants?

I think you’d want it free

To hear my naughty ideas…”

“Ok, go on, tell me all,

what’ve you been waiting for?”

“That perfect thing of yours

licked and stuck in my mouth.”

“If I were there, how would

you want me to put it in?

Tell me as I hold myself,

your sweet tits in my hands…”

I want to see your face

as I slide you inside…

with head in my

moist pussy lips,

you suck and bite my nips

I moan as I take in a kiss

and faster you move your hips,

and I say wait, and put up

my right leg behind my head

all your weight on my chest

pushing your cock in thrusts

my hair wrapped in your fist

with me fulfilling your every wish

and I wiggle my pussy up

and watch you side back in

eyes locked, my legs in splits

you pound your passion again

and again and again and again!

Do you feel me now as I talk?

Hearing your end makes me cum,

wet as I hang up the phone.