Naked in this strange gorgeous man’s tub, Banka’s dark nipples popping the bubble line, a symphony tickles her ears through an intercom the whole house could hear. With the flames dancing to the highs and lows of the strings and drums, she wishes upon the shadows Peter’d come back in the room.

She laps her hands over the jets that blow on her hips, compelled to feel into her hot, swollen lips. Closing her eyes, Banka recollects, It’s been ages since a man’s made me want to give in and move my hips.

With a light tap, Peter opens the door a crack and asks, “Do you mind if I come back in?”

“Yes, please enter and visit with me,” Banka says with a wave of a bubble-dripping hand.

As Peter walks the tiles to the tub, dressed sharp in jeans and a white button-up, Banka takes a long blink and behind her eyes sees her French manicured nails opening up each small hole and uncovering the lotion-white skin beneath. She looks out to watch Peter lean his back to the tile wall and slide down to a crouch above the floor, his blue eyes looking up at hers.

“Do you want some more wine? I brought the bottle.”

“Sure, thanks…” Banka empties her glass of its burgundy contents for courage in her newly planned endeavor. “I know this is a forward question, but I can’t help but ask if you’d like to join me.”

Peter’s eyes hone in on his prize, “I’d do anything with you.” He rips off his shirt to reveal a firm chest and a six pack beneath. The rest he unveiled so quickly, Banka couldn’t tell how stacked he was below. She thinks, Time will tell…

Peter and Banka sit in bubbles up to their chins, knees to chest, facing each other and wondering how to begin.

“In my free-time,” Banka says, “I’ve been studying ways to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety.”

Peter nods with intrigue, “Really? Anything you can teach me?”

“Hand me your foot.” Peter does as told, and Banka explains while foaming his foot with soap, “One of my favorite things to have done to me is massaging my feet. You might be surprised to know that it’s the most often neglected erogenous zone.”

Peter’s foot she places just below her belly, his heel atop her pubic hair. Banka sits up and gently digs her finger’s into top of Peter’s thigh, grazing his right nut in its cushion of water, then she pushes in and pulls down the inside and outside of his entire leg.

“Oh, my…” Peter’s head lays back against the tub, “that feels soooo good!” He whispers as she continues on to the ankle and top of his foot. Banks sits up again, with feather-like fingers under the water, slightly hitting his erection, she walks down his thigh and calf and takes his heel in her hands.

Peter’s eyes closed, head back, Banka states soft, “Each toe is important, and an erogenous ride, if touched just right.” She strokes the bottom of his foot with the palm of her hand, massaging the foot flesh with a back and forth rocking motion. Then, she rotates each of his toes clockwise, then counter-clockwise, pulling at the ends, until she slithers her fingers between toes in a hand-to-foot hold.

“Oh, God…” Peter moans, while Banka smiles at a job well done. She then moves and does the same to his other foot and leg, with him panting his relaxation all along.

This time when Banka sits erect, she swims her body over his, sliding his hard cock between her floating tits, and giving his little head a little lick-kiss, and she slips onto his chest for a wet-tongue kiss.

Unleashed desire makes Peter helpless to control the swiftness with which one hand grasps her ripe cheeks and his finger finds her center’s hole. He pushes a digit then two up into her, and on his tongue she moans. Banka kneads his chest as she picks up her hips to place herself atop his dick that’s grown long and large like a cock throne.

As Banka moves on Peter’s body, he massages her from within, pushing up as she sits down, water slapping at her ass as she rides up again, but suddenly she stands up.

“Come on,” stepping out of the tub, “Let’s finish this in the other room.”

Peter follows as dripping wet Banka races to his king-sized bed, with a swan-dive, “Ahhhh! Warm me back up, quick!” He covers her like a blanket, inserting himself again and kissing her back, licking her neck, and with a bite to her chin, she picks up her chest and turns her head to him. Kissing deep, he takes her breast and pushes it to her chest as he drives himself in again and again and again…

“Wait, I have an idea…” Banka takes her knees and turns on her side, “Enter me now and show me how hard you can pound!”

Peter yanks her tan body to the edge of the bed, and he puts himself inside her again. He bends over and squeezes her nipple as he kisses her lips, all the while his hand holding her hips firm and pounding himself in.

“Ught, oh, ught, ught, harder…” she yelps.

Peter feels her juice envelop him deep, and slipping he falls out of her pussy and puts himself back in, urging himself, Hold on longer, man! Make her cum again!

Short thrusts coupled with long-dick rubs, he wriggles himself around while with a finger-find upon her clitoris he tickles her orgasm and pulls out with a loud but harmonious, “UGHUU!” Peter throws his cum onto the sheets, collapsing on Banka, feeble and uselessly weak.

Naked next to each other, Peter and Banka lie, panting happy as stressless time ticks by.