A Lily Pad

Your voice is like chocolate, so sweet to hear I have to lick the phone when you call. You hear me breath a heavy sigh as I tingle at living new memories of us, for within a simple conversation you arouse me to mental orgasm — a lily pad upon which I can come and release the stress of the every day monotony.



My Naked Lover

my naked lover of hard pleasure fingers me open with a hot touch, kinky kissing of ears and chest, slowly stroking squeezing bare balled taut nipples licked wet,

banging we scream our naughty friction, sexual perfection, as you thrust your thick sticky dick on my tongue, I swallow down your honey drip.




dark and smooth

soothing my throat

warmth while entering

my empty stomach

like a hug

with a swish

I savor it

the flavor still

in my mouth

slides on down

for a sweet

sigh of steam



The Dream Your Voice Brings

As your voice comes through the phone, I can’t help but vibrate deep in the holes of my soul.

I whisper my naughty ideas to penetrate your brain, with me so physically far away. When you ask me to elaborate, I try to titillate you with sexy stories of the how, never mind the why, for you have felt me in every which way and know exactly what I’m doing.

The peace of release in tangents of pleasurable escapades, however, lingers on my tongue after you have blown “Good-bye” in my ear. I lick my lips and strip ready to sleep off my tickled desires.

You stand naked breasts, exposed ripples of stomach muscles with a V of bone instructing my eyes to roam down upon the covered muscle of yours I like best…

You walk behind me and turn my head up. Succulent kisses you plant on my lips, neck, and ear, implements of what’s to come as my silk robe falls red on the floor…

Your long fingers grasp both breasts, pinching my nipples firm, the way your  lips like to bite them…

Taut I pull you out to put you in, the gasps of a perfect fit in writing I can’t possibly depict!

You fill my holes like no other, my perfect fictional lover!



You, In and Out

I see your smile

before lashes flutter

I hear your voice clear

out of bed I leap cheered.

I feel you in and out

of my day’s hours:

Your being gives me power

enough to finish me like butter

in a nice night’s hot shower.



Like Candy

You are candy, set up high, where I can’t reach. To indulge is such a treat! I toss my tongue over your smooth hardness, sucking your sweet juice and swallowing it down. That’s what I’d like to do to you all over this boring town. You are a candy that adds the kind of flavor that I can savor!



My Merlot

Dark cask, cradle my conscience so I can forget the fears holding me captive. I drink you in, your liquid in my mouth, instant addiction to your intoxication at first sabor on my lips. I swallow you whole in my dreams! Oh me! Oh my! I love the feel of you down my throat! Come sleep with me, and I’ll show you how much of you I’d drink! I’d give you a hole of opportunity! Oh, how I crave My Merlot. I know you hold what I need, so invade me deep and take over my reality!



Like a Cave Man

My love,

you unzip my truths

like a jacket

being removed.

My shoulders feel


as you touch me bare

with words whispered

in my hair:

Take hold

grab it and wrap it

round your wrist!


I sit below

you above…

Pull my head back

you          Cave Man

ready to attack!





How I Would Put You To Sleep

When the day is cold and has gone all wrong, I wait to give you that for which you long.

Don’t worry I’ll start with a warm dinner and pop the cap of a beer to help build back your cheer.

Then, I’ll lead you to bed so I can massage you from foot to head. Lotion is the lubrication needed for the trigger-point tricks, and lather it on you I will, kissing each toe to give you a chill, up your calves to your thighs, I massage until I come to my prize.

Here I must take the time to warm you up with my mouth because release is good for your health, so moan loud if you must, but your faith in my tenacity you must trust.

Please, allow me to thrust you into my throat, past my tonsils to near swallow you whole, until down my throat you throw all your worries away, ready to sleep ’til the sun paints the sky with a new day.



Eats Me Out and In

There’s a monster within, cloaked in creamy skin. It eats me out and in, especially when I drink, inappropriate then I think: paste you to me like glue, I hold me together with you… and the monster within makes your dreams come alive and true! Deny not that you’re in love too.