Arriving alone at the bar that night, I look up to a curious sight. The full moon white with a hue of blue to its light, as it nears the witching hour of revelry and debauchery. The club music pounds my ears, making my head bounce with rhythm more with every drink. Overtaken by the need to move with the walkers, me, in my wheelchair, think, I must succumb to this popping song!

I swallow my gin ‘n’ tonic and push onto the dance floor. Smelling sweaty couples now parting me a path to the center of the dance floor. Like doors, the dancers then close in around me.

My bulging cleavage and little white dress afford me many a hip-hop partner as the night wares on. Tall, fine Marines and Navy men took turns dancing upon my lap, one on each side, and front and back. Walled-in by HOT asses and groins that rub me to belly-laughs, titillated by all the male attention I just got. That’s when my neighbor and his sweet, fine friend began their seductive dance into my bed.

I drive us home after closing time with no fore-thought of the three of us in my mind. My neighbor Ben and his friend Brian join me for a nightcap of Merlot before we turned in. The three of us sit on my 70’s couch, enjoying the revelry of dirty jokes and intoxication, finally escaping the chains of our everyday frustrations.

With my head back on the pillow of my couch, I laugh open-mouthed with my eyes closed. Then, suddenly, I feel both men kissing me, vibrating my bones, arching my back. Ben kissed on my neck and ear; Brian, on my other shoulder, plumps out my breast from bra and dress top. Ben kisses me, tongues colliding passionately, while he straddles my chest, sucking now upon my tits and nips…all the while, Brian removes my panties, spreads my knees, and commences licking and fingering my pussy.

Then, I unsheathe Ben’s cock, put it between my tits, and his hips begin to rock, hitting my lips and sliding in and out of my mouth, Brian diddling my clitoris, while pushing his tongue to penetrate my yearning hole.

Unabashed, I know how this will end and make the decision to let it happen…

Ben lifts me to the floor where he puts on a condom and begins to enjoy my warmth, while Brian hovers his cock over my mouth, me sucking him nearly off, when I cum to my friend Ben’s huge cock, and Ben’s cum spits quick, but Brian’s has not.

So, onto his back Brain lies with me atop his little rock. Sweetly he moves his hips slow, staring into my eyes with a glow, but Ben’s fingers pinch my nipples as he sucks blood to the skin of my neck, biting a bit to massage the muscles beneath, and as I moan, he squeezes himself into a hole too.

I fall forward onto Brian’s chest, the three of us sliding against each other, expanding our pleasure within tight swollen walls, cocks smacking me to cum, encouraging Brian and Ben to pump harder, splashing in me from two angles, until…we cum together releasing our passions, with all of us in a howl…“OH! FUCK!” Echoing through the apartment building, welcoming the sun back after this full blue moon morning.