When I worked full time as an English teacher in Yuma, I stopped going out. I would read, grade, plan, or work out. I didn’t date, but Marines, Army, and Navy men were everywhere. Unexpectedly, as I wheeled groceries in one Saturday night, hot bodies surrounded me in no shirts and tight jeans, glistening against the Arizona sky painted orange and red over the cactus tips and brown mountain tops.

One dark-skinned man, with beautifully sculpted arms, took the groceries bag handles from my mouth, pulling the weight from my lap, “Here, let me help you. Guys get the rest of her bags from the trunk!” He ordered his group of friends, who like he was their commander, all jumped to my assistance. The train of men followed me into my door and placed my groceries upon the table.

With a gush of honest appreciation (I had at least ten trips of bags for me to carry!), I belted out like a teacher above boy’s talking, “Thank you all so much! Can I offer you a beer before you go for your trouble?”

“The guys call me Big Bud, but Buddy is fine. And what’s your name lovely lady?”

“I’m Kelley…”

“Hey, Bug Bud, we’re gonna head to Tracey’s then hit Pop A Top. Later!” And the group of men left me alone with Buddy.

“What a group!” I chuckle.

“You wanna go out with us?”

“No thanks. I’ve got tons of work and sleep to do tonight, but thanks!”

“What do you do?”

“I’m a high school English teacher.”

“Damn! I woulda done better in English if I had you to look at as my teacher!”

“The kids are fun, grading essays is NOT.” I laugh awkwardly.

“I’m gonna head out, but could I stop back by later and say hi?”

His sweet earnestness was irresistible, “Um, sure.” I said to this guy I’d never met before…

A playful knock at my door came around 3:30 after the bars had closed. A crew of merry Marines could be heard serenading me with, “Who let the dogs out?” And barking like wolves.

By the time I had gotten myself into my wheelchair, tossing a nightgown over my head, most of the revelry had walked away…except Buddy.

“Hello, beautiful! Can I come in?”

I stared, still a bit blurry-eyed, “Honestly, Buddy…” His brown sober eyes send a furrowed brow plea, “I’m just sleeping.”

“That’s ok. I’m tired too, and it’s so loud at my friend’s I can’t sleep.”

“Um…” Beneath a tight tank, his bulging chest muscles bounced in anticipation of my answer. I figured, What’s the harm? Hot men don’t come round your bed too often.

“I’ll just lay with you until you fall asleep…” He begged a little like a dark and deep Prince Charming.

“Ok.” And I led Buddy to my bed. He squished my tiny pillow at the head of my single bed. As he stared at my chair-to-bed transfer on the other side, I looked again at this well-built man I didn’t know. His bald head shined like a halo in the light of my lava lamp. I think, I can’t believe I’m this desperate to be kissed and touched! You know what’s going to happen…

With me on my back, and him on his side, we snuggled and he spoke softly in my ear, “The girls I hang with so different from you. I couldn’t stop wondering tonight what kissing your pouty lips would be like. I couldn’t get your smile out of my mind.”

Buddy traced my thick bottom lip with his thumb, inserting his finger in my mouth, which disarmed, I sucked. He asked, as he leans in to kiss me, “I have something you might want to play with.” Then, he led my hand to the HUGE bulge of fully erect penis beneath his sweat pants.

I had had big, but this cock was thicker and longer than my forearm! Intrigued, I had to pull it out, despite the fact I was terrified of giving in to such a monstrous cock.

I didn’t want to try to fit it in my mouth, knowing my jaw would lock up. I wondered as I kissed him back, all the while my hand shaped like C jacking him off, Would I ruin my pussy if I let him stick that obtuse thing in? Would he stretch me to a larger hole that will leave me pleasure-less forever after?

“Are you as excited as I am..” He said, obviously used to getting his way.

I re-covered his huge tool, and sweetly explained, “Honestly, this is just too distracting. I really need to get some sleep. I’m working with some students early in the morning. Sorry, but can you do me a favor and lock my door on your way out.”

Kissing me one last time and pushing my hand back down, I sat back and said, “Um, yes. I just don’t feel right, so I’d like to turn in for the night.”

“Ok.” Buddy pouted, while getting up. “I hope to run into you again sometime.” And he walked out my door. I immediately got up to see if the door was locked.

He had followed my directions and made me safe. He truly was a nice guy, however, I could not find the courage to explore his massive cock!